AI Traffic Pack by Jazzycat 11.6

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4 months ago
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latest Version 11.6 · ATS 1.42.x 1 week ago
Pack adds in traffic 298 new AI cars: 

Chevrolet Blazer, Tahoe('07, '15, '21), Caprice, Cruze, Malibu, Silverado('07, '18), Colorado('07, '15), Avalanche, Trailblazer, Cobalt, Impala('96, '03,'06, '14), Suburban '98, Spark, HHR, Camaro, Corvette
Dodge Grand Caravan, Neon, Dart, Intrepid, Caravan, Journey, Caliber, Durango('99,'11), Charger('06, '12), Challenger, Ram (1500 '06, 2500 '94, Van)
Ford F150('93, '10, '18), F350, Focus, Taurus('00, '10), Fusion, Mustang('95, '13), Ranger, Explorer('96, '10), Expedition, Aspire, Escape('08, '13), Flex, Fiesta, Escort(wagon), E150, F250(service)
Chrysler PT Cruiser, 300C('08, '12), LHS, Pacifica 
Jeep Wrangler, Liberty, Grand Cherokee, Gladiator 
GMC Yukon('00, '07, '15), Savana, Canyon, Envoy, Vandura, Sierra, Jimmy
Cadillac CTS('04, '10), XTS, XT4, CT6, Escalade ('16, '21), Eldorado '99
Ram 1500 '19, 3500
Pontiac G8, Sunfire
Plymouth Grand Voyager
Oldsmobile Cutlass Ciera, Alero
Buick Roadmaster
Mercury Tracer
Saturn Ion
Lincoln Town Car, MKX, Navigator
Hummer H3
Tesla Model X, Model 3
Toyota Tundra, Camry('97, '07, '18), Corolla('95, '08), Land Cruiser(100, 200), Highlander, Rav4('04, '13, '17), Yaris, C-HR, Avalon, Prius C
Lexus GS('06, '13), IS(XE10, XE20, XE30), LS, CT, LX
Scion xD, tC('05, '12), xB
Honda Fit('09, '15), Civic('07, '12, '19), CR-V('01, '07, '15), Odyssey, Insight, Pilot
Nissan Altima('07, '19), Sentra('04, '07), Frontier(D22, D40), Murano, Rogue, Maxima, Leaf, Versa, Juke, Titan, Hardbody, Pathfinder, Armada
Hyundai Sonata('98, '15), Tucson('10, '15), Santa Fe, Veloster, Elantra, Genesis, Azera
Infinity Q50, Q70, G35, G37, XF50
Kia Sportage, Soul, Forte Koup, Stinger, Sedona, Optima('11, '16)
Mitsubishi Montero, Outlander, Lancer, Galant
Subaru Legacy('05,'10), Forester
Mazda 3('12), 6('06, '08, '15), CX-3
Acura RDX '19
Suzuki Liana
Leisure Libero
Triple E Commander, Regency GT
Mercedes-Benz C-Class(W203, W204), E-Class(W212, W213), S-Class(W221, C217, W223), R-Class, CLA, GL, ML, GLA, GLC(coupe), GLE(C292, W167), AMG GT 4-Door Coupe, Metris, Sprinter
Audi A3(sedan), A4(B6, B7, B8, B9), A5, A6(C8 Avant), A7, A8(D4), Q7('08, '15), Q5, Q8, e-tron
BMW 3(E46, E92, F80, G20), 4(F82, G22), 5(F10, G30), 6(G32), 7(E65), X1(E84), X2, X3(F25), X5(F15, G05), X6(F16), X7, i3
Volkswagen Jetta(4, 5), Golf(7, 8), Beetle, Touareg, Tiguan('14, '17), Arteon
Volvo S60('04, '11, '19), V60, XC90'17, 850(wagon)
Porsche Cayenne('09, '19), Macan, Panamera, Panamera Sport Turismo, Taycan
Land Rover Evoque, LR3, Velar, Defender
Saab 9-3('02, '08), 9-7x
Jaguar F-Pace, I-Pace, XE, XJ
Maserati Ghibli, Levante
Rolls Royce Cullinan
Bentley Bentayga
Mini Clubman, Cooper Roadster
Aston Martin DBX
Alfa Romeo Giulia, Stelvio
Fiat 500
Smart Fortwo

All standalone, works on any maps.
Included real 3D logos for default cars.
Compatible with all my packs.
Tested on version 1.41.x

Version 11.6 - added new skins of real American companies for vans

About Mod

Latest Version 11.6
Game ATS
Category Other
Game Version 1.42.x
Downloads 4679
Created 4 months ago
Last Updated 1 week ago


da ats hood (Guest)
2 weeks ago

ima let ya dawgz kno a jackazz Jacko Linch stealz dem modz he a muddafugga who betta getz oudda ats fo good fo all bedder in da hood wit out hiz azz dawgz!

Political B (Guest)
3 weeks ago

PAVETRAIN ATS Mods is a group full of BLM and Trump Supporters. Javison Ling Collins voted for TRUMP in 2020

Polutical E (Guest)
2 weeks ago

@So? STFU no one cares about your opinion fatass kid

So? (Guest)
2 weeks ago

Who cares? Some of us have the mental capacity and ability to not involve politics in every little thing unlike small minded individuals like yourself.

George (Guest)
1 month ago

Jazzy, seriously STOP ADDING CARS to this package. There are just too many of them. In some systems it causes performance problems already. You could work on other things instead, like adding SOUNDS. But no one wants more cars, its ridiculous already the amount of them we have.

Oh relly? (Guest)
6 days ago

@George Seems like you are just continuing to make excuses for your own outdated hardware. Meanwhile I am at 400% scaling, ultra, 70+ mods, and still getting 100+ fps. The only ignorance is on your part and the fact you keep coming back and checking comments to reply speaks volumes on yourself....

@George (Guest)
1 week ago

@George Give it a rest, Bruh !! Is it your time of the month or something? You and you stupid superior attitude and always complaining that no one does a decent job at modding, but you! ... but yet here you are grabbing mods like everyone else. Shut TF with your superior attitude, you nitwit ... if you think you can do a better job, how about uploading your "perfect" mods and letting the community test them out? Either putout or STFU, its that simple !!!

George (Guest)
1 week ago

@Scott Ray You are one of those who plays at 30 fps, right? lol... nvm, dont even bother to answer. Its hilarious when people who plays the game at 30fps and are used to it says they dont suffer from performance issues... you are not even going notice it if your fps go down to 25 lol. The point is yes, more traffic spawns require more system memory, more videocard memory (to a point since the game basically uses mostly the CPU), more everything. Its pretty basic. And again, you dont have to believe anything i say, but i believe in SCS, WHO ARE THE ONES WHO SAID IT. Adding anything that has to do with traffic to the game affects performance. Said by them. Not me. Ignorant idiots.

George (Guest)
1 week ago

@New PC much ignorance. But you know what, i dont even going to bother to explain to you again, why the game engine is obsolete and that it has nothing to do with your videocard. Learn something before you say nonsense.

New PC (Guest)
2 weeks ago

Just because you have a PC with poor performance doesn't mean everyone else can't handle more cars. Having a large variety is great and I have absolutely zero issues. Upgrade your pc instead of asking modders to conform to YOUR needs.

Adrian (Guest)
1 month ago

@Scott Ray I agree, I'm using all of Jazzycat's mods in ATS (trailer packs + AI packs), and the game runs almost as good as vanilla. If you have stuttering, it's much more likely to be caused by map mods or simply by the game itself. It has been known for a long time that having an own trailer causes stutters on some PCs, especially in ETS2. A 200 MB traffic pack should be no problem for a game in 2021, but SCS still has a lot of work to do on optimization.

Scott Ray
1 month ago

Speak for yourself, you do not represent everyone who uses Jazzy's mods. I've been using them since day one on a very mediocre pc and have never had any performance issues. These AI mods only add the vehicles to the pool the game draws from, they do not change traffic density or AI speed and behavior. The poly count of the models may be higher but if my 6 year old pc can handle running 6 of his mods at once with no fps loss I think things are fine. I for one applaud Jazzy for his dedication to giving the community high quality mods that do exactly what they are supposed to do.

Jackass Turds (Guest)
1 month ago

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bulldogleo (Guest)
3 months ago

same ole ass fkin cars since the game been out

No.,.. (Guest)
2 weeks ago

No you are just a dumb ass who can't install mods properly.

? (Guest)
1 month ago

By your logic the first version of this had 295 cars and the 100+ updates since were just for compatibility.


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