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Great America v 1.0

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uploaded 2020-01-08 01:00:00, by Guest

Great America by voith

Hi guys ım so happy to starting this usa map project,ı was planning this
project before utah dlc but today ı start finally,in real life ım survey engineer(or map or geomatics its doesnt matter)
so maps are parts of my job alltime,ı make this project because we dont have good map project in ats,
ı start in washington road 2,spokane to sandpoint and sandpoint is done ı really workin hard and watchin all details
curves,slopes,atmosphere,land,visions,fps,heights,signs,nature,uphill,downhill(ım using landsat and usa ıtrf land height model) version 1.0
is just preview for you ıts add only 100 km sandpoint road and sandpoint town but next update ı fully complete middle and
north idaho ı dont wanna poor quality mod ,ı take same fps those utah in my pc,this mod optized for all pcs tree sparsity,number of models view distance...
I share in game ss for idea


-Spokane(washington)-Sandpoint(idaho) road connection added(us 2 north way).
-Sandpoint added
-Home depot company added to sandpoint.
(Dont think file size its not much change with future updates)
All map dlcs needed




Great America v 1.0, 1 photoGreat America v 1.0, 2 photoGreat America v 1.0, 3 photoGreat America v 1.0, 4 photo

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uploaded by Guest
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