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Interstate 10 v1.1

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uploaded 2016-08-25 13:01:03, by Guest


Version 1.1 additions:

* Adds the city of Telluride, OK connecting Denver and Kayenta, AZ with the addition of the "Million Dollar Hwy."
* The million dollar hwy(MDH) is a truckers nightmare and only experienced drivers should attempt the ascent with any loads.
* It has hairpin turns, steep angles, and rises 590 ft.(game scale) in just a few miles.
* I've tested it with a heavy load. Most loads can be pulled up the mountain pass in 1st or maybe 2nd gear.
* Heavy loads I recommend L (low) gear for the duration of the ascent. Gear shifting on ascent will cause rpms to drop and you'll lose your power band.
* You DO NOT want to stop during the ascent or you'll never get restarted.
* The truck will simply kill or spin. Trust can be done. You just got to know your stuff.
* Swing WIDE on the turns. Do not worry about oncoming traffic as i have that disabled on the trickiest parts.

Interstate 10 v1.1 adds Van Horn, TX, Telluride, CO, Cape Coral, FL, & Hayes, Kansas. My sought after Valero SUPER TRUCK STOPS are in each of the cities except for telluride. All of my Valero truckstops feature easy access fuel pumps, Sleeping areas, & truck repair. All are pull-thru so no more backing in and out to use a service.
I brought back the G.A.T. tunnels! :mrgreen:
the east coast-west coast tunnel entrances are in Nogales, AZ and Jacksonville, FL. I have a shorter tunnel that shortcuts from the Valero Super Truck Stop in Lafayette, LA and goes to Cape Coral Florida.



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uploaded by Guest
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Comments (3)

2016-08-27 20:54:45 eric (Guest)
were should it be put in the mod area i have c2c 1.8 and mexucan 1.10.1
2016-08-31 19:56:13 tunning6000
thanks,god job:):):)
2017-01-15 15:02:00 guest (Guest)
cant use it crashes my game , any help plzz i tried it above C2C 1.9 ATS 1.4

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