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Montana Expansion

Rating: 5/5, based on 1 vote
uploaded 2019-07-11 18:03:42, by xRECONLOBSTERx


v0.1.1 -
Completely re-built the way US 2 comes into Spokane -
Lots of Glendive improvements -
terrain fixes map wide -
fixed 3 errors from rail yards in Great Falls, now 1 rail yard -
fixed unable to locate city error -
added farm north of Glendive -
fixed terrain at Miles City -
removed intersection at Bozeman,until its time to build Bozeman -
added city speed limits in most cities -
most 2-lane highways now have proper 70mph(cars) 60mph(truck) speed limits -
some of the updates i can think of -

v0.1.0.9 -
fix AI traffic from disappearing at Malta gas station and I90 west bound in Glendive -
fix invisible wall in Glendive -
Glendive improvements -
v0.1.0.8 -
Laid out road network for Glendive following google maps, - after looking at things this morning, i will re-build all previous cities in this manner -

v0.1.0.7 -
collision fix at new reat area, my apoligies

Shelby I15 interchange re-built, now mirrors real life - custom built rest area added east of Wolf Point -
Williston North Dakota US hwy 2 intersection added -

US 212 from Crow Agency to Rapid City added (road only)
2 farms added on US 2 east of Havre -
Detail added in Great Falls -
3 hills had grades adjusted - a few of the updates -
remember i just started this project just under a month ago, detail will be added you can bet on it -
Also,in the future every interstate interchange will be re-built to mirror real life -

Butte mine near completion (still needs work,but drivable)
passing zones added in multiple locations -
various scene improvments -
fix grass over road @ Great Falls

Terrain issue fix at Wolf Point Oil Storage.

Montana Expansion WIP, expands on the Coast2Coast map mod -
Coast2Coast v2.8.0 required
CanaDream v2.8.11 not required, but works fine together
All SCS DLC's required -
Place Montana Expansion above Coast2Coast and CanaDream -
This is a WIP(work in progress) - I will be updating this map expansion every 2 weeks -
My goal after completion is to expand into Wyoming and the Dakotas.
v0.1.0.4 -
Added 3 new passing lanes east of Great Falls -
Fix collision issue at rail yard in Great Falls -
Various Improvements map wide.


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uploaded by xRECONLOBSTERx
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Comments (14)

2019-07-11 20:19:51 George (Guest)
Well, now the game crashes saying that there is a prefab missing.... you did something wrong in the update.
2019-07-11 21:59:40 xRECONLOBSTERx
dont know why it says its missing a pre-fab for you, and not for me, and doesnt crash for me, weird
2019-07-11 22:00:49 xRECONLOBSTERx
are you trying to use Project Going North with my map mod?? if you are it will cause problems
2019-07-11 22:05:54 xRECONLOBSTERx
in the forum thread in above link, i posted which errors have been fixed for Mondays update, nothing game breaking, and i have yet to have my map with Canadream, US expansion and the Mexico maps crash one time since i started this map project 5 weeks ago. You better look into which mods you have that are not up too date.
2019-07-12 03:29:24 George (Guest)
No. Im not using project north. Im using the same maps i was using in the previous version, and it worked perfectly fine. Placed montana expansion top, over us expansion, canadream, coast 2 coast. As i said, it was working just fine in the previous version, now it crashes.
2019-07-12 03:32:23 George (Guest)
And no im a a guy who always have all mods up to date, i hate errors on mods, i hate unpolished things, what i mean is that im not doing anything weird, as i said it was working in the previous version. The error that a prefab is missing is clearly coming from your mod, so you must have done somethign or forgot something in the update. You will see how other people will start posting this same crash, give em time (usually people thank you even before they try things out).
2019-07-12 04:29:13 xRECONLOBSTERx
Well Sir, maybe posting the actual error would help, but someone already did and it is fixed, thanks for your feedback.As of this time, there are zero errors in the map, and i will upload a current version tomorrow morning, have a good eveing.
2019-07-12 04:31:07 xRECONLOBSTERx
i still cant figure why it never crashes for me, but i do appreaciate the feedback very much, as i want to get a smooth working map released so no one has to worry,
2019-07-12 05:21:56 George (Guest)
Thanks, was going to paste the gamelog on the scs forums but i cant since im not at home anymore. But im glad that you fixed it. Probably it does not crash for you because you are not using other map mods? who knows. And i really appreciate that you take your time fixing things. There is a real lack of modders who actually care about polishing and have error free mods, and its a real shame. Keep it up the good work, Montana really needed something to show at this point lol.
2019-07-12 07:52:42 xRECONLOBSTERx
Sir i apoligize, i am still getting the hang of things,and i am getting alot better, but i love playing the game too, and the last thing i want is to upload a map that causes a crash on someone just trying to relax and enjoy the game after work or whatever the case may be. I am cuurently testing the latest update,and hope to have it out by mid morning at the latest. All errors have been fixed, i am not showing any in the editor or in game, but i want to drive every road before i upload it, once i do that,it will be updated.
2019-07-12 23:36:59 xRECONLOBSTERx
once i get the issue with game crash going into Canada northeast of Wolf Point(Plentywood area) there will be an update -
2019-07-13 05:44:42 thegrand13
can't download from mega. content in no longer available.
2019-07-13 12:47:23 bagas (Guest)
hey can you fix the download link is no longer available
2019-07-13 13:21:54 xRECONLOBSTERx
new update with fixes has been uploaded, 2 versions now, one requires Coast2Coast and one requires Coast2Coast and Canadream

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