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Dont try and load it for 1.39! Works fine on 1.40ob!
on Montana Expansion 2.0
11 months ago

@Phantom_Mark I will give it a shot, I know it can be done if you give each one its own identifier, but I will mess with it and see if they all work on same city identifier. 

All SCS map dlc are required.
on Montana Canadream RC
2 years ago
You dont need this if your not using Canadream.
on Montana Expansion
4 years ago
once i get the issue with game crash going into Canada northeast of Wolf Point(Plentywood area) there will be an update -
on Montana Expansion 2.0
11 months ago

@PorkChop Are you using v0.2.2 or v0.2.3.5? v0.2.2 is for 1.45, and v0.2.3.5 is for the 1.46beta. Also I dont think there is a road connection to C2C so that might be a problem? 

@TheGreenSplat interstate 90 runs from Missoula to Spokane, also US 2 runds from Kalispell to Spokane.