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Montana Expansion

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uploaded 2020-05-05 11:32:43, by xRECONLOBSTERx


v0.5.7 -
Coast2Coast assets added back in tempoary fix -
Once again compatiable with Project East -
Lonepine, Montana changed to LonepineMt, Montana due to Lonepine being in SN -


v0.5.6 -
Added Lonepine Montana with logging site started -
Corrected Missoula city speed -

v0.5.5 -
Lights added in several cities -
Speed limits map wide fixed, no more leaving a city and having 35mph speeds for 47 miles(example) you will notice a nice change in traffic especially on 2 lane roads -
File size reduced by 159mb by removing C2C assets -
several signs had to be removed, but next update will see them back with many more -
Plentywood added, no company yet -
terrain profile from Culbertson to Plentywood done -
too much done to remember it all -

v0.5.1 -
Fixed low bridge at Forsyth -
various tweaks -
Montana Assets added -
Simply unzip file, and drop the 2 .scs files in mod folder, placing Montana Assets above Montana Expansion

v0.5 -
Shelby area re-build started , road to Welker farm and area started -
Including all rail east and west as well as through Shelby, re-built -
Culbertson area along with scale/rest area re-worked -
Interchange to the oil rigs (between Culbertson and Williston) re-worked-

v0.4.5 -
Malta area re-built -
Missouri River south of Malta re-built -
MT66 re-worked -
US191 from Missouri to Malta re-worked -
US 2 from Malta to Glasgow re-worked -
US 2 west of Malta re-worked -

v0.4 -
Wolf Point area re-built -
Miles City area re-built -
Forsyth area and US 12 towards Roundup rebuilt -
MT24 from Glasgow to MT200 added -
Rest Area west of Circle at MT24 junction added -

Glendive terrain re-work finished -
Circle terrain re-work finished -
farm south of Wolf Point re-worked -
Glasgow terrain re-worked, also corrected street and no more prefabs connected to prefabs -
started work on Ft Peck Resevoir -
all roads in gps had boundaries turned off -
Interstate 90/Hwy 212 junction (Crow Agency) re-built -

fraba for MonDak scales, Wibaux, Mt and Beach, Nd -
NASTY_NOVA for relentless testing and some awesome highway signs coming soon -
Mantrid for use of C2C assets, thank you -

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uploaded by xRECONLOBSTERx
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2020-05-05 16:37:40 xRECONLOBSTERx

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