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Project North 0.2.2 Idaho

Rating: 3/5, based on 5 votes
uploaded 2019-08-20 20:15:03, by mods82

Changes 0.2.2
- Rebuilt diamond intersection on I 184 close to Downtown.
- Made speed limit on I 184 65 MPH rather than 60 MPH and 70 MPH
- Fixed Freight market errors.
- Fixed in game map. (Random segments of road, Removed Twin Falls, Pocatello & Idaho Falls, Removed icons east of Mtn Home)
- Fixed terrain gaps along I 84 (near Mtn Home)
- Tweaked some small glitches (Grass on road, flickering etc)

Changelog: 0.2.1
Reduced file size to ~130mb
Fixed terrain gaps and distance errors in Mountain Home
Fixed terrain gaps and distance errors in Boise
Added scenery along I 184 near Downtown
Fixed speed limit on outskirts of Mountain Home (65mph)
Fixed invisible barriers in Mountain Home
GPS now says "At the roundabout take the X exit"
Removed hopefully all bugs

Changelog: 0.2.0
Idaho Contents:
- City: Mountain Home
- I 84 Extenstion (To Mountain Home)
- Various back roads near Mountain Home
- Downtown Boise
- Boise Airport
- New Section of Boise (SE Boise)

Washington Contents:
- Town: La Push

The Project North will develop in the northwestern United States, adding Idaho and then Montana. After that, it is planned to map Dakota or Wyoming, which are unlikely to be created by SCS in the near future. Although this is for the distant future.

3 files are included.
The load order of those .scs files are:
SCR US Objects
FLD Prefabs
Project North 0.2.2



Project North 0.2.2 Idaho, 1 photoProject North 0.2.2 Idaho, 2 photoProject North 0.2.2 Idaho, 3 photoProject North 0.2.2 Idaho, 4 photo

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uploaded by mods82
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Comments (3)

2019-08-21 02:08:54 Donut Lakes (Guest)
Still not compatible with Coast to Coast.
2019-08-21 12:16:39 DJO (Guest)
is this compatible with mhapro map?
2019-08-21 22:11:52 George (Guest)
I wonder if someone is going to use this mod, ever lol. I mean, if i need to chose between an standalone map like this one to have only a few roads to drive, and another map that will give me basically all the rest of the us covered with many amazing good made places... includint MONTANA as well, obviously i will chose the later lol. Im talking about Coast to Coast of course. Until this guy makes the map C2C compatible in some way and delete the montana sectors (as another modder is doing montana in conjunction with c2c as it should be) i dont think this mod is even worthy to even try. It is just pointless. Unless the quality of this map is SCS or Promods level (that i doubt it :s) dont waste your time downloading this, if you are already using C2C. Not worthy at all.

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