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US Expansion V2.4 (Quick Fix)

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uploaded 2018-10-11 00:14:42, by P16


Quick Fix:

- Fix the road problem at the intersection in Sacramento, so you'll be able to drive there with no problem!


I have decide to combine my US 50 & CA 99 & Cities Expansion mods in one big map mod called US Expansion!
I have rework and edit the US 50 & CA 99 map mod by seal0027 so it is now working with the new 1.20 scale!
The original map mod was made by seal0027
This mod add lots of new cities and highways missing from the game!


Place the US Expansion V2.4 (Quick Fix) mod above the US Expansion V2.4

For more information about this mod, go check the SCS Forum:

P16, seal0027 & Dybr


US Expansion V2.4 (Quick Fix), 1 photo

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uploaded by P16
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