Daniels Random Events v1.4.2

3 years ago
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latest Version v1.4.2 · ATS 1.47.x 1 year ago
Fixed issues with ground texture on events involving truck trailer.
Added abandoned vehicle events (car, crashed car, van, small truck) and possibility to have warning triangle.
Changes in V1.4.1:
  • Fixed issues with highway maintenance truck not working correctly in 1.47.
  • Made asphalt patches and manhole cover events not spawn on most dirt/dust roads (unfortunately not been able to restrict from all of them).
Changes in V1.4 (Released: 28/07/2022):
  • Improved backend of vehicle signs and warning signs to make it easier to add them to other events.
  • Doubled the distance from the accident, recovery and breakdown events that the VMS signs /
    warning triangles spawn at.
  • Created seperate breakdown and recovery events for Mack RD.
  • Improved backend of breakdownevents.
  • Added new detail layer (oil, dirt, skid marks, shredded tyre parts) to accident events.
  • Slightly decreased rarity of accident events that include fire truck.
  • Created hard shoulder accident events.
  • Created hard shoulder accident events that include non damaged vehicles.
  • Created 1 lane accident events that include non damaged vehicles.
  • Tweaked 1 lane accident events to sometimes spawn with people.
  • Tweak 1L accident events to be able to generate with crashed vehicles in a larger variety of locations if generated on road with hard shoulder.
  • Added narrow city roadworks events.
  • New short versions of asphalt patch events.
  • Tweaked narrow accident events to sometimes spawn with people.
  • Created narrow accident events that include non damaged vehicles.
  • Created accident clean up events.
  • Tweaked roadworks events to be able to spawn with highway maintenance / dodge and hyrail vehicles and people.
  • Created my own version of the hyrail model without the rail wheels and made possible to sometimes spawn
    instead of the SCS hyrail model.
  • Created city accident events that have no police on scene.
  • Made it possible for a firetruck to spawn instead of an ambulance in the relevant locations for more variety.
  • Made it so that a firetruck will sometimes spawn as part of the 5 cones and police scenes.
Changes in V1.2.1
Update for 1.43
Changes in V1.2:
Created my own version of the default channels (Drain Covers) events and updated the models to include collisions.
Copied across my version of the asphalt patches events from ETS2 (this includes updating the models to include collisions).
Fixed issues with the Highway Maintenance SUV.
Tweaked the recovery events so that the Highway Maintenance truck will always spawn behind the broken down vehicle to warn oncoming traffic.
Added 2 new crashed vehicles to the able to spawn at the dynamic accident events.
Changed the default traffic cone to have a second white strip and to make the white strips retroreflective to make it more realistic and to make it easier to be seen at night time.
Replaced the VMS signs with new text only versions to make them more relaistic.

Changes in V1.1:

  • Basically now in complete synchronisation with the ETS2 version so has the same event types and variations as the ETS2 version.
  • All accident events are now completely dynamic.
  • New VMS signs with images for warning of an event ahead.
  • Decreased chance of accident events spawning with crashed vehicles facing the wrong way.
  • Slightly decreased chance of accident events spawning.
  • Removed 'narrow' city accident events (this may only be temporary, want to see if this will increase the spawn rate of the city roadwork and channelse events).
  • Made 'narrow' accident events no longer able to spawn on 2 lane roads.
  • Removed the 'urban_area' limit on the 'city' one lane accident events (these events will now only spawn on 2 lane roads if the shoulder size is less than 1.5 this should prevent them from spawning on the main highways/motorways).
Changes in V1.0.1 (30/01/2021):
Fixed game.log error (Unable to find 'Buildings' 'dw_sch33')
Fixed game.log error (Unable to find 'Model' 'dlc_it_352')
Fixed game.log error (Empty 'Mover' for 0x39D4570C4B000001 / Undefined mover model! (-1.417969;0.011719;41.757813)

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