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Economy Adjustments v1.2 for 1.5

Category:  American Truck Simulator Mods » Other
Uploaded by:  uploaded by TrueDeviL
Date:  2017-02-20 00:13:00
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5/5, 3 votes

A few adjustments that make it easier to play the game, mainly for new drivers, but will be good for veterans also, I tried not to make it too easy :-

Truck refund increased from 35% to 75%
Price of Small Garage reduced from 180k to 90k
Garage upgrade price reduced from 100k to 50k
Abandoned job fine decreased from 12k to 8k
Cargo damage cost reduced from -5$ to -3$ per 1% of damage
Cargo damage cost factor reduced from 0.04% to 0.02%
Fuel discount in garages increased from 15% to 35%
AI Driver fixed salary reduced from 350 to 250
AI driver revenue per km reduced from 10 to 7.5
AI driver hire cost reduced from 1500$ to 1000$
AI driver no return job reduced from 10% to 3%
Fixed revenue increased from 600$ to 800% (your pay)
Revenue per km increased from 15$ to 20$ (your pay)
Reward Bonuses increasing from 0.05 (1) to 0.15 (5) for Distance/Fragile/Urgent/Valuable
Manual Park Bonus increased from 15 (easy), 40 (normal), 90 (hard) to 45/120/270 respectivly 3x increase
reward bonus increased from 0.01 to 0.035
Cargo damage XP loss decreased from -5xp to -3xp per 1% of cargo damage
Cargo damage XP factor reduced from 4% to 2% per 1% of cargo damage



Economy Adjustments v1.2 for 1.5, 1 photo

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uploaded by TrueDeviL
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