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JF Logging Lifted Viper2 Peterbilt 389 ADDON

Rating: 4/5, based on 7 votes
uploaded 2019-06-19 11:16:51, by SirBlackyAlot

This is a addon for viper2's Peterbilt 389 please make sure you have his mod and put this one anywhere above it in the mod manager

This changes all chassis to lifted suspension

Front Bumper 
Trux Headlights 
Chrome and Rubber fender Guards 
Fuel tank Steps and matching regular tanks  
Chrome and Black extaust's 
(lift axle on tri) half fender
3 edited headache racks just made them a paint
And the Sunshield 

Happy Truckin 
And if you want to support me and keep me doing what im doing click the link below and thanks for Downloading my Mods :)

If you want to help me to get enough funds together to get a better pc (all donation will support this)



JF Logging Lifted Viper2 Peterbilt 389 ADDON, 1 photoJF Logging Lifted Viper2 Peterbilt 389 ADDON, 2 photoJF Logging Lifted Viper2 Peterbilt 389 ADDON, 3 photo

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uploaded by SirBlackyAlot
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Comments (14)

2019-06-19 19:11:33 AtAnAz (Guest)
This is an outstanding mod, like all the mods of SirBlackAlot! Excellent and professional work as usually! However, I noticed an error while trying to customize my truck with the new log bumpers. 3 bumpers are missing: "Bumper Log Black", "Bumper Log Paint" and "Bumper Log Chrome". The "bumper_log3.pmd" is missing from the following folder: vehicle/truck/upgrade/bumper/peter379 <ERROR> [fs] Failed to open file '/vehicle/truck/upgrade/bumper/peter379/bumper_log3.pmd' in the read_only mode. <ERROR> [ld] Failed to open '/vehicle/truck/upgrade/bumper/peter379/bumper_log3.pmd'.
2019-06-19 20:05:42 SirBlackyAlot
@AtAnAz it was a different edit and forgot to take out the def files lol as i removed the others cos they where not made by me
2019-06-20 01:03:31 RENE1127
the concept is nice! when i went to the chasis 10x4 there was no tank
2019-06-20 19:05:35 Scott (Guest)
If its not too much trouble could you tell me what wheel you're using in the screenshots? Specifically the front wheels, it'd be much appreciated!
2019-06-20 21:44:18 AtAnAz (Guest)
@SirBlackyAlot: I figured out that something like that happened, so not a problem at all. I edited your mod and removed those def files already. I also noticed that the rear fenders are placed really high and especially the double round ones look strange. I don't know if this is inavoidable since you lifted the chassis. I have also a suggestion to make: the lifted chassis is really awesome and in addition I would like to have the option to select between high, normal and low chassis. This would be an ideal combination in my opinion. I hope you are planning to publish it on steam workshop too. I prefer the workshop, it's safer and the updates are automatic. I am big fan of your mods!!! Keep up your excellent and top quality work!!!
2019-06-20 21:54:52 AtAnAz (Guest)
@Scott. Check out these rims: .It's SirBlackyAlot's impressive rim pack, optimized to be combined with Smarty's tire/rim pack. I reccomend you to subrcribe on both packs. They add a new level of quality in the game.
2019-06-21 17:41:02 Scott (Guest)
@AtAnAz: I actually already have those mods but thanks anyway! Would you happen to know what rims he's using in the screenshots of this mod?
2019-06-21 21:11:54 AtAnAz (Guest)
@Scott: I am afraid I cannot answer to your question. I haven't seen these rims in any mod that I know. There is a possibility that the rear hubs seen on the screenshots are from SirBlackyAlot's Racing ATX rim pack. The rims are actually really impressive, but maybe they are included in private mod.
2019-06-24 19:35:57 SirBlackyAlot there you go it a edited front rim i did from vipers rim pack that works with smartys rim/tire park (put this mod above viper2's wheel pack in mod manager )(
2019-06-25 12:24:40 AtAnAz (Guest)
Thanks a lot mate!!! Absolutely amazing!!!
2019-07-05 06:22:31 Jimmy (Guest)
Just a thought - as an American, the "log" trucks (especially the SCS versions) are a bit off. When is somebody going to make a proper American log truck with the correct headache rack and pole trailer? I've found one proper rack so far on a 74 W900a, but still has a fifth wheel instead of a pintle hook.
2019-09-18 00:04:04 Boushard (Guest)
Hi SIRBLACKYALOT, I try to use this mod but I can't succed. I already have the Viper V2 Pete, placed your mod underneath Viper and I can't find 3drive axels in the config. Weird thing is, I can see 3 logger bumper in the exterior config but don't have any bumper on my truck. What I'm doing wrong!?!?
2019-12-07 04:58:32 Balto
Great Mod! :)
2019-12-08 00:41:13 Whose in your belly ? (Guest)
Awesome work ! This one should be on Tmp. Cheers

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