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SCS Volvo VNL 780 Custom Parts and Upgrades v0.1.7

Rating: 2/5, based on 8 votes
uploaded 2019-09-26 03:26:42, by mods82

- Custom cabin (780) with HQ exterior sleeper and new dots/slots for upgrades.
- Custom lowered chassis (6x4) with lowered wheels position as on real truck.
- A lot of new custom parts/upgrades (look for Volvo icon in truck configuration screen).

- Added support for Space Paintjobs Pack.

- Fix for paint jobs on custom fenders and paintable rear bumper.

axelrol, SCS

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uploaded by mods82
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Comments (6)

2019-09-27 03:49:08 Rolyat (Guest)
Once you install this mod, some paintjobs get screwed and other accessories as well. Dont download!!
2019-09-28 05:14:51 Balto
2019-09-30 04:19:16 Balto
Theres nothing wrong with meaning i dont have problems with it on my game. SO dont cuss at me.
2019-09-30 19:41:20 George (Guest)
I did have problems with this mod. Many missing parts, probably a conflict with the original scs truck. Just in case, i uninstalled it.
2019-10-01 00:05:50 Somebody (Guest)
Idon't know how you guys have conflicts cuz I use this mod. It doesn't have problems [for me]. Maybe you have another Volvo Mod or parts mod above it? I use Peterbilt 579 Epiq Parts package and it's under this Volvo Parts mod in the mod manager. I don't own the Space Paint Jobz DLC but I had no conflicts on my end, just saying......
2019-10-31 04:11:34 LtSnoDawg69
Some people have problems(probably mentally retarded) cough "George and rolyat". Others don't.

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