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Smarty Wheels Pack v1.3.2 ATS 1.35+

Category:  American Truck Simulator Mods » Parts/Tuning
Uploaded by:  uploaded by mods82
Date:  2019-12-05 15:20:53
Downloads:  658 downloads
Comments:  7 comments
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3/5, 2 votes

Changes v1.3.2
Added Michelin X Line Energy Z and D, and XDN2 11R22.5 options for trucks
Added four new Continental tire options for trucks

Changes 1.3.1 for 1.35+
- Added front wheels for trailers
- Now overriding wheels on company/dealer trucks and trailers (Wheel Pack must have higher priority than compatible mods)
- New front hub
- Added 11R24.5 options for trailers
- Added 285/75R24.5 options for ownable trailers
- Reworked some more shadow models

This mod contains an assortment of wheels and tires, currently with a focus on mixed-service applications. It will be updated with additional wheels, tires and accessories as they are completed.


-Accuride 22.5 x 12.25 steel (dull, gloss, chrome)
-Accuride 22.5 x 8.25 steel (dull, gloss, chrome)
-Alcoa 22.5 x 12.25 (dull, polished, chrome)
-Alcoa 22.5 x 8.25 (dull, polished, chrome)

-Michelin XZY3 385/65R22.5
-Michelin X Works XDY 11R22.5
-Goodyear G296 MSA 425/65/R22.5
-Goodyear G177 11R22.5
-Goodyear G395 11R22.5
-Goodyear G372A 11R22.5
-Goodyear 661 HSA 11R22.5
-Continental HDW 11R22.5

Trailer Wheels (requires compatible trailer mods)
-Michelin X One Multi Energy T 455/55R22.5 on Alcoa 22.5 x 14
-Goodyear G314 285/75R24.5 on Alcoa 24.5 x 8.25
-Goodyear G314 285/75R24.5 on Accuride 24.5 x 8.25 2-hole
-Goodyear G104RST 275/70R22.5 on Accuride 22.5 x 7.50 5-hole
-Goodyear G661HSA 11R22.5 on Alcoa 22.5 x 8.25

Compatible Trailer Mods
The wheel pack must have higher priority in the mod manager than these trailers in order to override the wheels
SmithCo Side Dump by Dogebilt
Fontaine Phantom by Smarty
Fontaine Magnitude by Zetor165
Utility 2000R by Smarty
Trailmobile SuperVan 90 by Smarty
Tremcar 3A Sanitary by Smarty
Eager Beaver 50 GSL/BR by Smarty (still WIP)



Smarty Wheels Pack v1.3.2 ATS 1.35+, 1 photoSmarty Wheels Pack v1.3.2 ATS 1.35+, 2 photoSmarty Wheels Pack v1.3.2 ATS 1.35+, 3 photo

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uploaded by mods82
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Comments (5)

2019-12-06 01:51:05 Balto
2019-12-06 15:55:45 MODthief82ISSCUM (Guest)
GO TO HELL Mods82 !!! YOU Worthless POS scumbag !! People DO NOT download this mod from this Piece of garbage, get it from the real creator, Smarty on Steam! Help him and not that 4 eyed Pedophile Prick looking Mother F'er Mods82!!!
2019-12-07 04:20:09 Nancy Pelosi (Guest)
I totally agree Curt , , and you left your cell phone at my house last night. I erased the nudes of us though.........
2019-12-07 04:56:16 Balto
Doggone it
2019-12-08 07:39:55 Mods82 the cancer of the interent (Guest)
Mods82 at it again thieving from the paid gamer to give to the pirated grubs of the world all for chump change from sharemods, grub feed grub world, one day mods82 you will get yours, more than likely it will be the cancer that see's the end of you and the rest of us can't wait for the day to get here

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