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Flatbed ferbus owned ATS 1.33 mudflaps animations!

Category:  American Truck Simulator Mods » Trailers
Uploaded by:  uploaded by Cerritos2018X
Date:  2018-12-18 13:14:09
Downloads:  4223 downloads
Video Reviews:  1 video review
Comments:  9 comments
Rating:   Rating:
4/5, 5 votes


Ferbus trailer V1.0
mod. Creditables mod: Cerritos mods
------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------- -----
Para versiones del juego 1.33.xx ATS


Autor: Cerritos mods
------------------------------ ---------------------------------------
cargas de remolques sencillos y dobles
----- -------------------------------------------------- --------------
youtube: Cerritos mods
correo electrónico:

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uploaded by Cerritos2018X
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Comments (9)

2018-12-18 17:22:58 willy1962
thanks for this mod
2018-12-19 04:56:30 Cerritos mods (Guest)
stolen mod and fake username
2018-12-19 07:20:01 HarleyF (Guest)
Mode will not open must be fake or bad
2018-12-19 15:32:46 francisdrake (Guest)
All of the Cerritos mods suck. Do not send this guy one penny!
2018-12-19 16:41:50 Agreed (Guest)
The Cerritos mods are not good at all. I download and use a ton of mods , never these ones.
2018-12-19 16:50:52 anonymous (Guest)
yep, and the files are locked too so you cant mod them either, or change where you can find the cargo like i was wanting to do. people who lock/corrupt their own mods are douche-canoes
2018-12-19 20:53:46 Mortal Power (Guest)
Cerritos mods You can't even fix your own mods that have bugs, but they're happy to sell it as a paid mod and cry "Give me pesos!". These mods aren't even worth stealing. Probably just slapped/converted parts from different models like most "modders" while acting like they made the damn thing. Stop being entitled and learn to fix your shit first. Too many bum modders trying to exploit the community these days.
2019-01-04 07:39:33 Pedro Guzman (Guest)
Pasen el w900 de cerritos o el Dina 861 de cerritos porfa amigos
2019-04-21 01:52:28 AVENGER209 (Guest)
Esta persona es falsa todos sabemos que los mods de cerritos son de paga y son los mejores pinches gringos frijoleros los de arriba no saben de nada de modding. Denunciado por fake.

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