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Mac Stepdeck

Category:  American Truck Simulator Mods » Trailers
Uploaded by:  uploaded by kaos31
Date:  2018-10-04 13:32:00
Downloads:  3395 downloads
Size:  File Size: 182.0 MB
Comments:  63 comments
Rating:   Rating:
3/5, 12 votes


bart simson


Mac Stepdeck, 1 photo

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uploaded by kaos31
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Comments (62)

2018-10-04 15:48:09 sst-ceo (Guest)
what the hell man, this is a paid mod which shouldnt be up on the mod sites for free
2018-10-04 16:19:03 GN6 (Guest)
@sst-ceo Fuck Pay mods. They're one of the reasons why this game is so mediocre. Greedy as hell.
2018-10-04 18:10:43 B4RT
Pleace remove this, i depends of this money to me and my family, its the only way to me earn some money in this moment and you are fucking my life, pleace remove this
2018-10-04 18:15:54 Corey Weaver (Guest)
GN6 you are a twat. If you dont like paid mods then fuck off and go find another game to play.
2018-10-04 18:19:22 K1LLER (Guest)
The file its a vírus, dont downloaded, the file fucked my system, i have to format my machine because this shit, its a trolling.
2018-10-04 18:32:47 byron (Guest)
This needs to come down, this is a paid mod and is not public. Who ever did this did so without permission
2018-10-04 18:39:36 WyldChyld (Guest)
This mod is a Paid mod by B4rt as said above and needs to removed, whoever post this is part of the cancer that is in the Community.
2018-10-04 19:00:03 guest1 (Guest)
this is a stolen mod
2018-10-04 19:32:32 LMNOP (Guest)
@Corey Weaver Continue to be a sheep like all the other fools defending pay mods. So in order to enjoy a game I need to pay money to random modders, who are making money off of the developers work, in a game that barely has any content to begin with? There are paid mods made for dumb people like you that are broken, steal assets, don't even work properly, or are missing features (like the W900L mod), or are just simply shit. So why don't you go buy those up like a tool and support the downfall of this game. Mods are supposed to be free and be used to bring the community together, instead of using them to make a profit(without a license) off of the community. Everybody wants money nowadays . I've been a modder for several years, and I know why I do it, to make the community and the game more fun/better. That's my payment, not exploiting the community for a quick buck. I bet you're the type of guy that supports Steam Paid Mods. Modders want to make money ? Go make your own game instead of profiting off of someone else's.
2018-10-04 19:35:38 Not Important (Guest)
Beat up that this was leaked for sure. But maybe it could help you out B4rt. People try it out and like it then they will come buy it from you so they can get the real deal with updates. Community is torn up to many bad mods out there. This could be a try it before you buy it and could end up being profitable for you.
2018-10-04 20:10:32 B4RT
@LMNOP Nobody is being forced to buy anything, I use almost 15 hours of every day I have on top of these mods, do you think I should do it funny? I do not have a job, not because I do not want to and because where I live things are not easy, yes I made an extra content for the game and I'm charging for it, you know it's the mods that keeps the game alive, I have family that I have to support, if you make good money out of mods parabens, not everyone is lucky
2018-10-04 20:14:00 B4RT
@Not Important, Honest Guys for sure will be look at me to get the fille in correct mode, in true this file its outadated already. But its sad see your job from most 45 days u used to do here for free, im not a company i work alone less money with this mods, and now more less.
2018-10-04 21:39:06 Corey Weaver (Guest)
@LMNOP 1st things 1st if you want to talk shit to me dont hide behind a fake name. Ive been at this modding game since 08. Dont try your pity on me. You bitch about no content and the game doesnt have much. Well peace out girl scout. Dont tell me what the game was about. I was more than likely modding these games back when you were still beating off in a sock to the newest victoria secret catalog. Nobody forces you to buy anything. What I do with my money is my choice. I not a mooch that wants everything for free. Every other big name game out there has paid content. So its not new. Stop using your for the good of the community reasoning as an excuse to be a lazy cheapskate.
2018-10-04 21:39:58 CAMPBELL (Guest)
2018-10-04 21:47:09 Bigrigfrosty (Guest)
This is sad, always an idiot that leaks someone's hard work, please take down asap not fair to the original author
2018-10-04 21:51:55 Bonez
His shit is broken anyways lol....
2018-10-04 22:45:27 Corey Weaver (Guest)
@Bonez my version works just fine with zero errors. So if its broken for you, you either have a conflict or your an idiot.
2018-10-04 22:48:26 B4RT
@CAMPBELL no have site to sell i contact my customers directly on facebook, better to give suport for the guys and send updates here my contact
2018-10-05 01:29:38 Danny (Guest)
Real low life POS!! If you download this your just as much a part of the problem as this Ahole that posted it!!
2018-10-05 04:45:06 pete352 (Guest)
2018-10-05 06:22:33 SCS will do what?? (Guest)
What will SCS do?? Not a damn thing you moron LMAO.. Out of all the comments here,I think yours takes the cake. Thanks for the good laugh HAHA
2018-10-05 11:38:55 whoknows93
can someone send me the link please????????
2018-10-05 15:05:01 Karma is a B1TCH (Guest)
@B4RT this is how you support your family??? I find that hard to believe, in FACT! I call BULLSHIT! but I guess my opinion doesn't count in a world of bitches and people who want to cheat, lie, steel, and become greedy... all these mods except for a very few are " OLD " mods from past games and back then we BANNED! people who tried to get rich off paid mods..... it was either privately shared among the few, or publicly shared... If you are a modder who is selling mods then YOU! are the problem and taking advantage of ATS low content to get rich off ( past game or old ) mods with out even knowing how to create a base model from scratch
2018-10-05 15:22:05 Corey Weaver (Guest)
@Karma is a Bitch. Keep in mind nobody forces you to buy mods. And nobody forces people to put mods ingame for you. SCS doesnt have a claus that states people nust make mods for the public. If you dont like the content amount you really only have 2 choices. Deal with it or leave.
2018-10-05 18:05:27 B4RT
@Karma is a Bitch, no im not lying, i unemployed and u say be rich? Man im not selling a thousand copies, the ones i sell not give me a fortune, and some i invest buying some new 3d models from bansheewoj. I make a models fully from scratch too, but you do not have to believe in min, just like you do not have to buy anything, nobody, and you talk about taking advantage of the game to have little content, not the case because many things I create SCS will never do, and again no one is forced to buy anything, if you are a modder create funny content for people and do not waste your time here in the comments criticizing what I do.
2018-10-05 23:18:31 PlanetMonster (Guest)
B4RT is one of the best modders and he used to do free mods but people would take credit for them and upload them everywhere else, taking away his ad money from his hard work, if you don't like paid mods, why don't you make your own mods and release it than, i would be pissed if someone else took my work and didn't ask me or took credit for it.
2018-10-06 00:47:12 Nothing Wrong (Guest)
You sell mods, expect them to be leaked, this is part of the modding area on any game, no matter who you sell to, it will be leaked eventually, this is nothing new on any game... it shouldn't be taken down, because its a mod, no one cares if it was a paid mod, not anyone fault that you paid for a mod, thats the same price of the game... this is something that constantly happens to all paid mods, don't blame anyone but yourself for investing into one.
2018-10-06 03:06:56 driftking954 (Guest)
fuck u kaos b4rt worked relly fucking hard to do this shit u fucked it up bitch
2018-10-06 04:29:41 Karma is a B1TCH (Guest)
@ Corey Weaver seriously ? what part of my comments/thoughts did you read to think I was even talking about or referring to thoughts or opinions... you are the worlds worse for be-friending someone to get free / private mods because you suck at modding so back up and try not to hurt yourself in this argument.... @ B4RT Look homie, stop while you still have a chance, your sad story is just that, sad, many of us are unemployed trying to figure out a way to support our families, but I'm not gonna do it by using other's work to do it.... regardless of whom you buy models from. then turn around selling it for higher price then any DLC content in the game, don't try to bullshit a bullshitter... Regardless of how you feel about these paid mods getting leak, when you put them up for sell, someone buys and passes it around ITS NOT!!! up to you or anyone else to claim leaked, it became freeware, you never know who is friend of a friend waiting for a paid or shared copy to anonymously share to the rest of the community.... keep that in mind...
2018-10-06 05:43:09 B4RT
@Karma is a B1TCH, about the price, yeah maybe i need charge 2usd for the mod because i will sell 1000000 copyes of this, serious bro? sell with low price and the files will be leaked in same time i release to sell, many bad peoples will get acess and share, im not a company, im just one guy, like i say before im not rich whit this, now im making a full scratch by me 3d model of one lviestock, im arround 3 weeks modeling, and probably will get more three to done and put ingame, and u think its my obrigation make this use my full month to make this and share just to see you happy? SERIOUS? no for sure not, i not wil do that i have a love about the things i do, not its free because have quality on the job and love. If u have a bit of inteligency u will know what im talking about, and u what its the mods u are maked to comunity? Or are in this post just to comment bulshit and dont know how to make a skin? Show your jobs, your mods works, the way you talk you must be a god of sharing mods created by you? So? Godbye kid.
2018-10-06 06:01:39 Freddy Jimmnick and Corey Weaver forever (Guest)
Corey Weaver is kaos31 he is just another leaking scumbag if you think he is to trusted then you were very wrong had many a bad experience with him in the past from all his fake accounts he is just another one of freddy jimmink's lap dog
2018-10-06 06:14:12 Corey Weaver (Guest)
Holy Shit that just made my day!!!
2018-10-06 08:58:25 Payed Mods SUCK (Guest)
well shit happens if you don't want them leaked then don't give em out and clearly don't sell them and corey weaver is a fucking dog cunt leaker too i agree
2018-10-06 12:28:46 BumbleBeerTunerCan567 (Guest)
What is the deal lately with all the little Crybabies Crying over Paid Mods being Leaked?? FFS ...Morons GROW the F UP !!! Who TF cares if a Digital Truck/Trailer Etc. gets Leaked....Its just a bunch of Digital Numbers/Digits in F'in Video Game and Not the end of the World for Christ's sake!!! Also I dont know whats worse, The Idiots that think they can get away with Charging outrageous prices for a F'in Digital item ...( $10, $20 or MORE... F' right outta here with that Crazy Talk) "For God's Sake you Cant even hold it IRL ...SMH (I could see Maybe $5 MAX, for something Bad A** but seriously anything more than that is seriously taking advantage of People IMO. Also I Blame The Boneheads that Buy These Mods as well. It Must be Nice to just throw $10 or $20 here and there for Digital Play things. Might as well just burn ya Money while you're at. It Must be My age is kicking in here (50+), But there's an old Saying "A Fool and his money are soon parted". BTW why is Games Like the Farming Simulator Series and Games going back to the 18:WOS Games, The Mods were free and Paid Mods were Banned, and the Community thrives with awesome and Cool Mods, but yet in ATS and not sure if ETS2 is the same way (I dont have/Play it, not a big Euro COE Fan)... Is the Exact Opposite? Like WTF is wrong with you ignorant self Centered Self Entitled People thinking you're so Special and think you should get Paid for Modding?? You Say Leakers are the Cancer of the Community... You Should take a Look in a Mirror and then you will see who are the real scum. Also Before one of you Smart Mouths go and say If you Dont Like it, You dont have to buy it. Got some advice for when you stop su**ing off your Modder BF and Backing them up a Like a Little Prison B***hes that you pretend you are !! How about doing the World a favor and jump off a cliff (Or at least may wanna jump off the Modder's Baby "D**k first...) and then go play in some Traffic or something. Also Btw, for the ones who selling the Mods and complain that Modding is your only way to make Money and Provide for your Family.... You really need to either seek some Professional help (Might I suggest a Career Counselor or maybe speaking to someone at SCS Software... ) or Maybe get decent Paying a Manual Labor Job or a Job in The Electronic Arts because Modding IMO should just be a Hobby for fun, NOT a Full time Job. If This was to happen the Community would get Better and maybe more People would Started Creating Mods again and this game wouldnt feel so Stale with only having 4 Trucks and 5 States to roam around. (But Then That Blame goes mostly to the "suits" at SCS/Truck Makers Etc, That's a whole nother story for another Time & Place) Also Maybe all the Leaking would stop or slow down, Because there would be alot more Mods to Play around with. Just sayin' Sorry for Ranting, But Just my $.02 worth. This Old and Smelly Sardine is going back to the Can to Tune my Piano, Because I cant Tuna Fish ...L8er G8ers, Im out.
2018-10-06 16:30:09 anonymous (Guest)
@BumbleBeerTunerCan567 wow! took the words right outa my mouth! i agree, if you've got "modding" as your full time job, fucking stop, it's retarded. get a real fuckin' job.
2018-10-06 16:31:32 anonymous (Guest)
also, b4rts facebook says he lives in Capão da Canoa. which looks like a RICH PART OF BRAZIL. unless that's a lie from B4rt.
2018-10-06 17:01:19 Karma is a B1TCH (Guest)
@ B4rt @ B4RT olha homem, eu não me importo como ou por que você vende mods pagos você ou qualquer outra pessoa que vende mods cobrando preço alto para mods que não são 100% auto criado é demais. sim eu posso fazer meus próprios mods sim eu faço exatamente isso, não eu não compartilho com ninguém, eu parei de compartilhar ou cuidar muito tempo atrás, tornou-se um trabalho que não paga o suficiente para trabalhar. então B4RT continuar vendendo se isso te faz feliz, mas seus mods ainda vão vazar por pessoas de jeito nenhum você pode evitar isso cara
2018-10-06 17:43:05 B4RT
@anonymous haha, yeah in my facebook says capao da canoa, because my city no show in city options. But i no need explain anyshit, but because this leaked mods one friend stoped shared mods for free because peoples are uploading and not respecting, so no have more respect. too bad
2018-10-07 00:25:45 HolyBalls (Guest)
Was this mod a private mod that only the modder and a select few had access too? If yes,this is a LEAKED mod. If it wasn't private like many others up here like this one. Then it wasn't leaked because that would mean it was PUBLIC (donation,paid or free) Is this mod or others on mod sites stolen? Well did someone hack the modders PC and copy files? I doubt it. Mods that are FREE for everyone to use can NOT BE STOLEN OR LEAKED seeing they were already public and FREE! Just because they didn't go to your little Facebook page to join your circle jerk,brown nosing group doesn't mean a damn thing!! Payware mods are out there for people to buy but can NOT BE STOLEN OR LEAKED! Once again,in the public and not private. So now there are 2 options. 1. Stomp your feet and throw a tantrum like many are and make all of your mods private or within your little circle jerk Facebook groups because you're all to naive and should just get the fuck over yourselves. Or 2. Accept the fact that people will continue to find ways to post your "private" mods and make sure that people (here,on YouTube and Facebook) know where to go. Redirect people to the place you want them to go to get said mod and updates. I've seen a few YouTube people tell people in videos to go to a certain place to get mods and not sites like this. They say it in their video and in the description. Work with those people to educate the masses. Finally let's keep in mind that THIS IS A FUCKING VIDEO GAME and not some top secret government information yet people want to lose their minds like that's exactly what it is. For the love of god people,grow the fuck up already!!
2018-10-09 03:03:19 Mattew (Guest)
HolyBalls Everything happens every day for this reason we decided not to download and this is the evidence and one of the most imbeciles thieves his name is Freddy Jimmink is the super thief who has stolen more mods and because of the put the mods of pay and for some of us follow their instructions.
2018-10-12 01:52:18 Link off (Guest)
Link is off please update
2018-10-12 21:22:10 ZODKil (Guest)
Anyone got a new link?
2018-10-14 10:20:33 B4RT
@Link off (Guest) @ZODKil just buy u will have updated file, no problems
2018-10-16 08:32:19 82mods (Guest)
add me on facebook bro i need to ask you a seriously important question please sir
2018-10-18 01:15:44 ANONYMOUS (Guest)
Fuck paid mods....Shouldn't be paying for mods in the first place anyway. Only time you should pay is a DLC or game.
2018-10-20 08:37:15 B4RT
@ANONYMOUS Just dont buy, simple solution to you, or u think i need work free just to see u happy?
2018-10-21 17:31:23 anonymous (Guest)
B4RT did you get licensing from the MAC company to be able to produce and sell a copy of their trailer?
2018-10-23 04:07:36 B4RT
@anonymous show the license HUMSTER3D, or turbosquid have top sell all company vehicle 3d model in i wil ltalk with you, ok?
2018-10-31 00:23:17 anonymous (Guest)
hwy fwy b4rt you are the low life. Making mods that i have to pay for because your some lazy ass piece a shit who wont get a real job
2018-10-31 03:12:12 pete352 (Guest)
hey anonymous! You are a COWARD not to put up your own name! You are a chicken shit with a big Mouth that is all you are ! You hide and bash B4rt and call him lazy ass piece of Shit! But I think you are just a Big Mouth who likes to talk shit and assume things about B4rt that you don't have a fuckin clue about! So i think it is your best interest to Shut Your Fuckin Mouth and not say another word!!!!!!!
2018-11-14 11:55:08 Max (Guest)
Ok hypocrite you call him a coward for using a fake name yet your name is pete352. Did your parents seriously name you that. and He literally modding is his only source of income soo
2018-12-28 17:44:46 Danny (Guest)
This was truly entertaining to read lmao. First off , if the models B4RT used tobuild this mod were paid content from turbo squid or whatever then NO HE DOES NOT NEED A LICENSE to create a personalized mod for ats with them. Secondly , Everyone complaining about PAID MODS being rediculous or unfair you do have a point ONLY TO A CERTAIN EXTENT. If someone so chooses to sit their lazy a** at home on a pc in blender all day long building mods for a pc game so they can keep them private or sell them to a community then that should be of no consequence to you as an individual. Pay for the mod if you like it or dont its that simple. No need for boohooing. Third , To these modder's who claim they have no other source of income other than building mods to sell < " I CALL BIG FAT BULLSH*T ' to that excuse. There are jobs out there you just choose not to go look because you had rather sit and do this all day instead of getting your hands dirty. If your family need's the money that much or this modding is your only source you need to seriously rethink your lifestyle. Quit buying turbosquid models and quit paying for pc programs and subscribing to certain sites and programs. Let your internet o for a while and get out of whatever mess your in financially then come back to this when you have time. Modding as a primary source of income is a crock bullcrap because you have internet and games to mod and whatever else you can think of that comes along with that SO IN A SENSE YOU ARE FULL OF SH*T charging 10 to 20 buck's and saying it's your only source of income for your family. Fourth , I do not , nor have I ever , Nor will I ever pay for a mod unless it is scs dl content. I could learn to mod and I did back in the days of haulin I just dont feel the need to learn blender right now. There are some great quality mods for ATS / ETS2 so there is no need for me to waste my time learning all that. I you guys dont like the fact that these modders put their time , money , and effort into making these mod's and then want to recoup some money off of them by charging for them then just simply DO NOT SUPPORT them by NOT BUYING THEIR MODS. Lastly , To the jackaloons who buy the mods then run and post them up for everyone to get for free , you all are the worst type of people there are. These mods are paid mods for a reason. Im sure some folks out there support your reasoning for doing so , However , If it ( being the mod ) did not require any of your input or time you have no right to release it publicly. If you feel the need to do so then ask permission from the author first and respect his or her wishes. Dont be that guy / gal that gets a bad rep for running around taking peoples hard work and essentially slapping them in the face by just throwing it out in the community like a piece of meat for the wolves to tear apart. For you modders who want your mods to stay private then lock them and set it up so that if it is released without permission it becomes permanently locked and cant be used. There are ways to do that. Password protect them or simply set it up so that whoever buys them goes through a screening process before hand or something so you have better control over who and where your mods are going to. If thats not enough then re-evaluate your situation. Contact the mod site admin and ask them to take down your link if you notice your mod posted somewhere it shouldn't be. Find out who uploaded it and block them from your upload site. There are things that can be done. Then again maybe you need to just keep them private. There are some older folks in the community who can be trusted that have been around since the Hard Truck days and even before. Me being one of those people I know of a good many of these gentlemen. Some of us have spoken over the year's all be it we are not best friends or whatever I still respect them all and what they have given to this community. All this being said I hope you all have a great new year and I am sure I will see you around one of the many site's we all traverse.
2018-12-28 20:51:10 BeastiePlower178 (Guest)
Actually Danny? You're Wrong On one Point? IF One Pays Real Money for a Mod, The *Customer" can do what ever the F*** They want with that mod, they paid for it, as they OWN It NOW. Yeah you as the Modder can put a Disclaimer, telling people not to redistribute the mod, but seriously those words don't mean S*** when it comes right down to it. The Whole paying Real Money for a Digital Item, that you cant even play with IRL life are a F***ing JOKE, PERIOD !!! The Paid Modders are a F'in Cancer, when it comes Simgame Trucking community! That's why this game is Dry, Because all the really good Mods are either Paid/ or F'in Private!! That's SAD ...Really Sad , Its like people who mod and then go around and say their mod is Paid/Private, Must really have no Life or gets their F'in Jollies off of making people jealous off something they have and no one else can gave I Say SHARE THE LOVE, G** D*** IT!!! That's what makes the Community a Better place IMO. Also Why is it almost every other Simulator game has Free Mods, but yet ATS has Bunch of Paid Mods? What exactly makes ATS, So F***ing Special?? Could someone Please Answer me that one? Rant over.
2018-12-29 05:05:40 tasteless (Guest)
Gees will you mob give it a break. Get over it an SHUT the F... UP.
2018-12-29 05:22:42 B4RT (Guest)
2018-12-29 05:24:19 lazy ass piece of Shit BRT4 (Guest)
lazy ass piece of Shit BRT4
2019-01-13 22:57:59 what a fucking joke (Guest)
lets see the licencing you received from mac to sale a model of one of their trailers. That is very illegal. so there for your commiting illegal activities to "feed your family". Im in the 3d model for 3d printer world and a ton of companies have been cracking down on this very type of thing.
2019-01-15 03:45:44 Stand up Comedian (Guest)
Hey , i tell the fucking jokes around here ! A guy walks into a bar.................Ouch ! Hahahahahaha
2019-02-25 05:27:03 tasteless (Guest)
2019-06-09 03:47:10 Curt (Guest)
Hey someone re upload this, I want it.
2019-06-10 18:29:40 TomDooley (Guest)
What is the most depressing about this, is not that this mod was leaked. It's far worse that there are so many morons here using their cowardly anonymus posts to make derogative comments and ridicule creators with insults. And you idiots wonder why there aren't more mods? It's because of selfish wankers who think they are Robin Hood impersonators, but in reality are just petty thieves.
2019-06-10 19:54:45 HAPPY B4RT Customer (Guest)
please please please for the love of B4RT take this down! if you want his stepdeck BUY it! it is a awesome mod!

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