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Ownable Tanker Trailers

Rating: 3/5, based on 5 votes
uploaded 2019-06-23 09:28:10, by GForceModding

The tanker trailers are now in traffic. There is also a bonus with the pack. You will need to type g_lod_factor_traffic 5 into the developer pop up so that all the tires will showup at a far. I hope everyone enjoys this update.

G Force Modding


Ownable Tanker Trailers, 1 photoOwnable Tanker Trailers, 2 photo

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uploaded by GForceModding
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Comments (12)

2019-06-23 15:36:56 George (Guest)
g_lod_traffic_factor 5 are you nuts? do you even know what that option does? well, if you want to kill performance, sure, why not.
2019-06-23 16:48:02 willy1962
what does it George ?
2019-06-24 05:46:37 George (Guest)
It basically multiplies x5 the level of detail when you see an object from distance. a) there is no need of using 5, since as far as i know the game only uses 2 at max detail. Using 5 you are only going to kill performance without any change at all.
2019-06-24 20:49:52 George (Guest)
Btw, im still waiting for a modder to do a trailer clean adaptation to 1.35 without errors, missing things and warnings. Its embarrasing. Do you gusy dont even properly test or look at the console EVER when you update your mods? at this rate, this game will be dead in less than two years.
2019-06-26 10:32:18 GForceModding
If there are errors or warnings go to my post on the forums page and post your dev. log. My testing team is checking things for me. Plus I have been on the road driving as I am an OTR trucker.
2019-06-26 23:17:20 GForceModding
Every one thank George for this mod going private. When I get home for the 4th of July I will be removing all the links. Thanks to those that enjoyed this mod. I might down the road if I have time start a Facebook page for my work.
2019-06-29 11:00:59 willy1962
thanks George
2019-06-30 05:46:17 George (Guest)
GForceModding thank god you got private. At least we have a less crappy modder around. DUDE, wtf, your tanker trailers didnt work on 1.34 (only the food one), you never fixed em. ALSO your mods on 1.33 / 1.34 were already filled with errors and warnings all over the place. Your "TEAM" never fix anything. Not even from version to version. Its pathetic. And you want me to apologize??? i think you have "experience" enough to stop making mods and without testing em and fixing errors BEFORE you upload em. So, at this point, if you keep doing the same over and over again, sorry but the community will be far better without you. We want good modders, not crappy ones.
2019-06-30 05:48:49 Amatist (Guest)
Too many uninformed idiots at this site (Guest) wtf you talking about? George is completely right. That option specifically decreases performance the more you increase it. More than 2, is already decreasing performance a lot. If you dont have a clue what that option does, you first should learn about it.
2019-06-30 21:30:54 Why do people hide behind (Guest)
So many people like George cause us to loss what ever mods are out here for free. He needs to go complain about all the crappy paid mods and leave the free ones alone.
2019-07-01 03:08:45 What a joke (Guest)
All this website is ever filled with is people who wine and complain about "broken stuff" these trailers work fine and I guess George over here has a potato of a pc and doesn't make mods himself and doesn't understand the time and effort it goes into making them before you start complaining actually make a mod and see what it takes oh and get a better computer.
2019-07-14 04:19:41 GForceModding
George I finally got the time to go and update my trailers but guess what? You Don't get them at all lmao

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