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Ownables Food Tankers

Rating: 5/5, based on 2 votes
uploaded 2019-12-08 17:01:47, by GForceModding

Description: Added RMD to traffic

Credits: G Force Modding


Ownables Food Tankers, 1 photo

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uploaded by GForceModding
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Comments (3)

2019-12-09 15:55:18 Curt
another good mod by Gforce
2019-12-09 17:07:34 Alberta,s Own (Guest)
Hey Curt , i have issues with Gforce stuff. Its great work but are they known to not work with certain other mods well ? I usually have barely any issues with anything in comparison to most and do have some knowledge after 2745 hrs of ATS but i cant some get some of Gforces mods to work without a to Desktop crash. I really need a working LPG trailer with a pup. I haven't tried their stuff in 1.36 yet though. Any tips or hints since you said " another good mod by Gforce" ? Thank you Curt.
2019-12-09 22:44:35 MATRIX (Guest)
I am beta tester for G Force Modding and I use John Rudas trailer pack along side of the tankers, but at first my game was crashing due to trailer lighting issue so I moved the tankers BELOW John Rudas trailer pack and it worked fine. Have not had a crash since. Since you have 2000+ hours of experience playing and modding American Truck Simulator I hope you are checking your game log file before claiming its these trailers causing your problem.

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