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SCS Lowboy Ownable v1.0 1.35.x

Rating: 2/5, based on 12 votes
uploaded 2019-10-08 00:47:02, by mods82



This mod makes the SCS lowboy trailers own-able and comes in 12 configurations.
You can adjust the configuration of the trailers from the F7 menu, for configurations of the same axle count.
Be careful with trailers from Oversize DLC, I cant guarantee that you can drive everywhere.
Each cargo load has two separate weights: One standard (real) weight, and one that is Maximum weight for people who want a challenge..

Required DLC:
- "Heavy cargo pack";
- "Special transport (Oversize)";
- "Forest Machinery".

SCS, Virat8


SCS Lowboy Ownable v1.0 1.35.x, 1 photoSCS Lowboy Ownable v1.0 1.35.x, 2 photoSCS Lowboy Ownable v1.0 1.35.x, 3 photo

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uploaded by mods82
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Comments (6)

2019-10-08 21:07:48 George (Guest)
Didnt try it yet in any delivery but i didnt see any major issues with this mod. This is what ATS needed!!!!! now we only need more loads. Thanks.
2019-10-26 23:23:37 Curt
2019-10-27 02:48:18 Jake@Statefarm (Guest)
This mod makes me wanna blow my load. Consider my load ,,,,,,,,,,blown.
2019-10-31 04:09:36 LtSnoDawg69
Hey jake@statefarm? I have a problem.
2019-11-10 20:57:08 Rolyat (Guest)
This mod doesnt seem to be working anymore with 1.36... ! ! !
2020-03-23 18:59:15 Cyrus (Guest)
*uck off , , , i got work to do.

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