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tekno's Ownable SCS Tanker 7.4

Rating: 3/5, based on 3 votes
uploaded 2018-09-06 10:38:13, by SlipperyStair

Designed to work with SPECIFICALLY, I can NOT guarantee it works in future updates.

The tanker is ownable through the "Slippery Stair" tab in the top of the purchase page, includes 4 different loads.  Steerable axles are an option, as well as several painty jobs, and a template for custom skins.

If you dismiss the trailer, and not use another trailer, the game may crash. You can however swap tailers, then possibly dissmiss.
IF you do not see any jobs, try loading a PREVIOUS save, the older the better. Also, keep in mind you need to check the cargo market, not freight market. Also, I have added Walberts to the list of distributors for more possible jobs, not realistic.

tekno/Slippery Stair


tekno's Ownable SCS Tanker 7.4, 1 phototekno's Ownable SCS Tanker 7.4, 2 phototekno's Ownable SCS Tanker 7.4, 3 phototekno's Ownable SCS Tanker 7.4, 4 photo

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uploaded by SlipperyStair
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Comments (4)

2018-09-06 10:47:23 slayer72
Nice job man :)
2018-09-07 12:08:38 SlipperyStair
UPDATED: Ranamed from "tekno's ownable tanker" to "Slippery's ownable tanker"(2 names, same person, consolidated for confusion) Added a 2nd tanker; "Chemical Tanker". Minor UI fixes Ranamed the original tanker to "Fuel Tanker" 4 existing loads have been split to 2 loads per tank style, making them more realistic.
2018-09-24 03:00:34 FREE
Didnt have a prob with dismissing or parking the trailer... No game crash..... Cool mod
2018-11-18 03:22:51 toto30022 (Guest)
not suppose to have steer axle

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