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Trailer Pack

Rating: 3/5, based on 8 votes
uploaded 2019-07-21 10:37:03, by GForceModding

This is a pack of trailers. Please read the read me file when you unzip the pack. This took a long time as I drive over the road and I am not home but every other week for 1 or 2 days at a time.


G Force Modding And SCS

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uploaded by GForceModding
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Comments (14)

2019-07-21 15:55:26 George (Guest)
lol, no thanks. Im dont trying to play with unoptimized and unpolished trailers from g force modding. If he learns one day to make actual GOOD mods, i will try em, until then, farewell.
2019-07-21 16:39:27 Why do people hide behind (Guest)
George do you make mods? If so which ones so we all can see your garbage. If not then you have no experience in this field.
2019-07-21 16:42:01 Bill (Guest)
Not one of these G force mods have done good. Iam a big time guy with big things on the go and i dont have time for mods like this. I wanna throw a shout out to my bro George for keeping it real about this stuff , you da man George you da man !
2019-07-21 16:46:43 Danny (Guest)
I think George is high on the love juice again , " rammin the banana " as they say in Indiana and Southern Texas. ;)
2019-07-21 20:50:09 GForceModding
Give a shout to George the man that can just not down load these trailers. George go make your own mods because you know all about Blender and how to mod so well. So good luck in making you own tanker doubles.
2019-07-22 00:47:07 Curt (Guest)
George must sit on this site and comment a bunch of bs everywhere. Ive used this mod before it works 100% now its updated and I cant wait to use it.
2019-07-22 14:48:46 Sandy (Guest)
You guys are stupid. EVERY single mod works. Thats not the point. And George is completely right. Not because you see the trailer on your screen that means the mod "works". A mod needs to be polished, optimized, WITHOUT errors. And tested properly. Using the developer console. Then , and only then you can say the mod works. Sorry but the community is filled with rubbish modders that dont even use the developer console to test mods and fix things. Its completely ridiculous. And this guy gforce modding always do the same. Plenty of errors in all his trailers, never fixed, but since the trailer "works", everything works fine. Sorry, but no lol. Im tired of trying unpolished mods just because modders dont give a f1ck about polishin and optimizing.
2019-07-23 01:03:29 GForceModding
Sandy like I told George don't down load and use this mod. Go and make your own mods because you know how Blender works.
2019-07-23 04:37:05 xander ranney (Guest)
GForceModding STFU
2019-07-23 07:26:20 g i joe (Guest)
2019-07-24 06:36:03 This community is so toxic (Guest)
Alright people lets get some things straight these trailers have ZERO errors in the console so you need to stop bitching about that and secondly I guess you people are BLIND because these are simply modified versions of the SCS Tanker trailers so if they are "not optimized" then bitch at SCS or wait you guys probably do LMAO because thats what people like you do bitch about every little thing and if you want to see what really bad mods look like download some pinga mods then you will rethink what a bad mod truly is.
2019-07-24 13:11:41 OhBoy (Guest)
Do not worry people sooner or later ATS will probably get encrypted and locked up so that if is not a mod done through Steam it will never work. IF the game last that long lol
2019-07-24 21:27:12 Some people are just born dumb. (Guest)
@Ohboy (Guest) SCS wont ever encrypt the files they encourage people to modify there game and why would they do that that would render the SCS Forums useless which is there website you should really think before you post a comment.
2019-07-26 15:10:17 Curt (Guest)
@ohboy they would have locked down ets2 years ago too but they haven't.... and Xander you stfu

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