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715 downloads 1.2 GB 16 comments

1948 Peterbilt 350 Cabover 1.36 1.37

Rating: 2/5, based on 7 votes
uploaded 2020-03-10 11:53:40, by FlyGaming

This is the 1948 Peterbilt 350 Cabover truck for ATS

Works on v1.36 and v1.37 Open Beta

Jesse Burson


1948 Peterbilt 350 Cabover 1.36 1.37, 1 photo

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uploaded by FlyGaming
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Comments (16)

2020-03-10 16:39:48 It dont matter (Guest)
This is a paid mod so I think it has been stolen needs to get taken down
2020-03-10 18:36:36 Cerritos _Pendejete (Guest)
Crap Paid Mod, Really Sucks
2020-03-10 20:33:05 guest (Guest)
there no sound for it
2020-03-10 21:41:23 trucker (Guest)
1.2 gb for what? truck si horrible, interior is form 352 peterbilt, no accesories, no fenders no nothing, wtf
2020-03-10 22:14:29 Balto
Oh my lord this mod sucks
2020-03-11 00:08:39 butthurt mod downloader (Guest)
I feel bad for anyone who bought this mod. LOL.
2020-03-11 00:25:28 PAID MODS ARE FOR RETARDS (Guest)
these ****heads who sell mods need all their crap uploaded, only ****heads and retards pay for mods, Jesse Burson learnt his modding crap from half fask (****) retard jeff who now SELLS MODS, after bagging out others for selling mods and now he's doing it, funny how these ones that sell can't actually make a decent mod is unbelievable how many brain dead idiots pay for them, desperate idiots pay for mods, so ****ing bring it on lets uploads all their crap on here, as it always gets leaked by the idiots who buy them in the first place, well there's something you idiots who pay a mod then give it away fro free says just how stupid you really are
2020-03-11 04:05:27 Joe Biden (Guest)
Today i ran into Corn pop . He told me Joe , i dont carry a gun anymore , i smother my pancakes with syrup.Then i looked him right in the eyes and said son , if you keep your stick on the ice the canoe ride gets smoother. Team Biden/Hillary 2020 !
2020-03-11 17:16:48 Expose CRAP MODS!!! (Guest)
Well i fell sorry for anyone paying money for badly done oversized mod files. BUT SCREW IT if it really is this bad at least people can now try it for FREE to see if it really SUCKS!!!
2020-03-11 19:12:58 Coronavirus (Guest)
Someone post jbx graphics mod please, that greedy motherf ucker charges earth for it.
2020-03-13 04:23:50 Nicolas Maduro (Guest)
This Mod is a Really Shit, 1.20gb for this Ugly truck is a total garbage, This Mod sucks
2020-03-14 02:46:15 30 dollar junk mods (Guest)
This is the worse mod in the history of ATS 1.2 gb then another 459mb for engines? Unbelieve able that anyone would actually want this let alone pay 30 dollars for it? A kindergarden kid could mod better then this!! And to boot he used Jdm.s 352 cabover as the donor mod for this ? I know he didn't have his permission and he bought the model for 5 dollars off mod shop and 18 wheels hauling Jesse has never paid a dime for any of his mods he just half asses it like the rest of his half ass butt buddies that mod!! this even worse then his but buddy Blades garbage!!
2020-03-14 02:56:39 "HALF ASSED FUCK TARDS MODDING" (Guest)
This garbage is unreal did Jesse and his but buddy Jeff do a instructional video on you-tube on this one ?Fuck Jesse in the ass week for 15% off all mods!!! the worst mod ever since the game came out!!
2020-03-14 03:10:18 30 dollar retards that mod junk (Guest)
I bet Jeff ****ed Jessi in the ass for 15 % off !! he seems like a tight wad join his but buddy fan club for 10 bucks a month!!
2020-03-16 22:29:35 zdranganell
ok , so to make this clear , he just made bad mod and yeah its 1.2 gb , i can get over it , yeah it does'nt have very much tuning for 1.2 gb and idc about 10000 engines , I GET OVER IT , it has 352 interior , I GGEEETTT OVVVEERRR ITTT , but damn cant u make the textures better and put a standard bumper and maybe some pictures for accesories and some names for accesories so ik what sh-- am i doin ? i understand modding its not easy , requires alot of pracitce and alot of experience/tools but if u are not good at modding , post the mods , ask ppl what's wrong , repair the mistakes and then maybe make the mod a paid one (even tough only dumb ppl do that) so please make the mods what they were before the trend of "already tuned crap"
2020-03-16 23:26:25 PSA Agent#442 (Guest)
This is a Public service Announcement ! Due to the recent Covid epidemic you are now ordered to stop spewing bull**** and to stop eating a$$ . This comment section and many more on the internet are at high risk from $hit talk and a$$ eating. Please do your part and help keep it clean. :)

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