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Autocar DC v 1.0

Rating: 5/5, based on 53 votes
uploaded 2019-11-02 17:11:07, by fine

Description: version: 1.0
Standalone truck, Sold in Volvo Dealer shop.
No details from other games or mods.
Model and additional details created in the 3d editor for this truck.
Version Game 1.36

The current version of the mod and its discussion:

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Autocar DC v 1.0, 1 photoAutocar DC v 1.0, 2 photoAutocar DC v 1.0, 3 photo

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uploaded by fine
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Comments (18)

2019-11-02 18:26:16 George (Guest)
Too bad this only seems to be working on 1.36. I guess i will pass then.
2019-11-02 19:10:37 guest (Guest)
Looks like a great truck. Bummer only works with 1.36, just need to wait a few days.
2019-11-02 20:37:18 slayer72
You guys have the option of opting into the beta for ATS on Steam, no need to "wait a few days"
2019-11-02 20:37:36 Helper (Guest)
To make it work in 1.35 all you have to do is add one line in the manifest.sii
2019-11-02 21:25:25 colonel (Guest)
...Or delete one line in the manifest.sii. Works in both ways.
2019-11-02 21:42:44 abrakadabra (Guest)
No way! "Greater mod shit#r" who criticise all other mods here (George) don't know how to make this mod to work in 1.35! :D This is LOL! Poor kid! :D
2019-11-02 23:42:08 KingPoh
best mod of 1.36 and one of the nicest mods i've seen in a while. I really like the "test" paintjob, could use asa little more dirt or rust on the sides of the fenders though. I'd absolutely love if there was a longer fuel tank on the right side and keep the left side the way it is that would look awesome. other than that its a bad ass logging truck for me currently
2019-11-03 00:30:26 Agreed! (Guest)
KingPoh I agree with you the test skin is awsome馃
2019-11-03 02:25:59 George (Guest)
abrakadabra, smart ass, its not only to change the manifest version, the file structure also changed. If it wasnt the case, it clearly will say both versions compatible and the manifest file will contemplate both versions. So no, its not that easy. And no im not going to change to 1.36, not now not in the near future. I dont want my eyes to burn playing on dx11 and i enjoy great dx9 graphics without shimmering and flickering all around.
2019-11-03 12:32:33 George is a retard (Guest)
Hey retard, it's actually that simple as removing the "compatible version: x.xx.x" entries from the manifest.sii I'm on 1.35 still and the truck works perfectly fine once those 2 lines for 1.36 and 1.37 are removed. You are a retard.
2019-11-03 13:06:17 abrakadabra (Guest)
F*ckhead George, there is nothing changed with file structure only thing you need to change is to delete that two (actually one) manifet.sii line and mod works like a charm in 1.35. But it seems that you are too stupid to do that.
2019-11-03 18:10:15 guest (Guest)
Just went to the SCS Software Message Board and it was more than helpful to explain how to remove the 1.36 and 1.37. Never did that before and that's not just a group bashing each other. Using the truck mod now, just a couple of things that aren't accurate, but otherwise a great mod.
2019-11-03 19:11:29 Blitztrooper
Great mod , kudos to whoever modded it for sure. Again its mods like this that keep me playing ATS.
2019-11-05 23:30:43 jayontheway
2k review
2019-11-06 03:25:32 Trav (Guest)
It is a cool mod, a rare truck brand "Autocar" that you don't see anymore. I love the old school look of these, however, would be cool to see a more accurate mod of this make especially like the one out of the 1987 film "Over the Top" with Sylvester Stallone. That truck had an awesome engine sound and also had a dirtier/ grungier look to it.
2019-11-08 00:37:33 Balto
It dosen't work.......please help or tell me how what im doing wrong.
2019-11-09 20:43:26 Dumo Nagrywa (Guest)
Test video 4k:
2020-04-21 01:39:56 Hilias Petrou (Guest)
Hi guys! This mod was one from the best- amazing old truck, but it's not working anymore after the last version (1.37). Please!!!! Could you fix it??? I like it so much!!!! Thank for you time!!!

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