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Kenworth K200 Custom

Rating: 4/5, based on 4 votes
uploaded 2019-02-13 14:58:12, by xtrucker36

-Based RTA K200
-Added 8*4 and 8*6 chassis
-tested 1.34
-have a ggod game 



Kenworth K200 Custom, 1 photo

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uploaded by xtrucker36
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Comments (8)

2019-02-13 16:06:38 john (Guest)
eats fps like godzilla made by rta not a good mod
2019-02-14 01:13:46 TruckerDave61667 (Guest)
Scumbag POS MOD THIEF!!!
2019-02-14 02:40:08 OH MYFRAME RATES HURT (Guest)
If you have Frame Rate issues try paying for a decent computer, Looser Complaining about FRAME RATES in this day and age is just laughable
2019-02-14 04:35:21 Freddyf&^kstick (Guest)
Customs K200 - and you put a photo up of a K108 :) Why u dont deserver mods Freddy!
2019-07-07 17:09:04 farming simuleitor (Guest)
os caminhoes do ats saõ maravilhozos mais o caminhaõ kenworth k200 vai por os acessorios ele bug o jogo a perfesuar mais o caminho
2019-12-17 01:21:03 FreddyHater (Guest)
Freddy is a shit talking kunt.. who goes on about fb been fake and blah blah blah when really hes the one whose fake.. making other profiles on fb using different names but the same photo hahahaha bro we know its you.. Mr dont leak mods.. you are the worst..
2019-12-17 02:31:39 Oi Idiots who winge about "FPS" (Guest)
to the idiots who winge about "fps" pffft how about yous get a decent more powerful computer hey...obviously you clowns dont know shit from clay...i have the k200 and 108 along with other trucks from RTA and i DONT lose "fps" and thats with MAX settings.
2019-12-17 04:00:27 Whose in your belly ? (Guest)
I like Freddy and you can suck a fat fart.

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