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Kenworth w900a 1.33.x v 2.0

Rating: 5/5, based on 2 votes
uploaded 2019-02-08 13:24:00, by mods82


Included cables
DLC cab Accessories
glass tint
lights with special effects

Free version 2.0

Free version without support or updates that you want to edit it you can do it.

Stas556,dmitry68, Kriechbaum,Stels Skins by Goran Petkoski (Skinner) and Deven Weber included” “Pancho Pantera,XDriver,Dro BeatZz,Bayonet,evh5150vanhalen,rockhobbit99, Corby Colonel SilveradoHD


Kenworth w900a 1.33.x v 2.0, 1 photoKenworth w900a 1.33.x v 2.0, 2 photo

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uploaded by mods82
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Comments (13)

2019-02-09 04:12:35 mods82
@satan 666 I fixed the problems with sounds and errors New link
2019-02-09 04:22:37 trucker (Guest)
it wont work just crashed downloaded from the link u just posted @mods82
2019-02-09 04:27:30 trucker (Guest)
i have no other mods just this
2019-02-09 08:47:56 mods82
@trucker The mod works, I tested after the fix and it worked fine on 1.34
2019-02-09 13:16:56 satan 666 (Guest)
ehwn was relesead version 1.34 of the game? i have 1.33.2s
2019-02-09 14:55:19 mods82
@satan 666 Did you download the revised version by the link from the second comment? I tested at 1.34 but I think the mod can work at 1.33
2019-02-09 16:21:38 satan 666 (Guest)
@mods82 thanks i will try it on version 1.34
2019-02-09 16:23:10 satan 666 (Guest)
now i hope my mods from 1.33 will work on 1.34 . im not sure mario map will work on 1.34
2019-02-09 18:32:43 trucker (Guest)
@mods82 i will try again
2019-02-09 23:51:56 satan 666 (Guest)
@mods 82 do you know why the colors of the trucks are too dark? per ex peterbilt viper 2 the chrome parts are verry black and the red of the truck verry darker any solution to fix this anoing problem? latest video drivers updated thanks
2019-02-10 22:34:58 mario (Guest)
very bad headlights not a good truck for driving at night .and the headlighta color(green yellow) its horibile. and you cant put anithing on this truck. not worth the time of downloading it . deleted from my game
2019-02-11 23:10:15 yo momma (Guest)
you are a fraud are a worthless cunt need to be kicked ,bashed and stabbed to death....
2019-04-06 19:17:55 TGS (Guest)

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