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Mack RS 700 Rubber Duck 1.33+

Rating: 4/5, based on 6 votes
uploaded 2019-02-13 16:54:33, by mods82

The same Mack from the movie Convoy


Update for 1.33
Added cables support
Mack RS 700 Rubber Duck:
One cabin.
One chassis.
Its interior.

Test version 1.34.x

v.krankel-varter, RTA, kriechbaum, update keithd


Mack RS 700 Rubber Duck 1.33+, 1 photoMack RS 700 Rubber Duck 1.33+, 2 photoMack RS 700 Rubber Duck 1.33+, 3 photoMack RS 700 Rubber Duck 1.33+, 4 photo

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uploaded by mods82
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Comments (7)

2019-02-13 17:26:55 satan 666 (Guest)
shity engines not a good truck for heavy cargo piece of shit why do you people make truck but the engines are too lazy doesnt worth time to downloadit big piece of shit
2019-02-13 18:30:26 mods82
@satan 666 The engines are original, if you want powerful engines write in a pm, I will do and I will give powerful
2019-02-13 21:28:51 mojo (Guest)
original engines are weak, this is authentic, and cool, can use with low weight cargo, he he
2019-02-14 01:06:58 TruckerDave61667 (Guest)
You guys are all a bunch F'ed up idiots!!! Don't you Dumbasses know Mods82 did not build or edit this mod? The Old Fag nut duster MF'er looking thing just reuploaded a stolen edited version that was edited by keithd203 on SCS Forum just a couple of days ago! F'in POS scumbags like Mods82 is the reason why ATS has become I FILTHY, GREEDY arrogant Scum infested of a community because Scumbag Shits like Mods82 that steals peoples work and claims it as their own and a few of the GREEDY selfish Prick modders that they just because they can do a little bit of coding, gives them the Almighty God like mindset and think they deserve to be paid for basically nothing as it is a DIGITAL F*CKING video game and also for the Yahoos Dickweeds that like to keep shit Private! Also for the dumbasses that mention this truck is "Weak" why don't you go drive a real 1970s Mack RS-700Land try to pull a HEAVY HAUL load. because you have to remember this truck is 40+ years old truck, basically more like a Movie Prop and not meant to haul heavy Oversize F'in Loads with … ffs SMFH Some of you really need to lay off of the video games and go OUTSIDE …. because you act like you all know everything, but you really don't know your ASS from your own Elbows when it comes to everything...which is sad in reality smh BTW How about we all work together as a community, and make ATS GREAT Again?!
2019-02-14 16:38:26 satan 666 (Guest)
@TruckerDave61667 BE CAREFUL WHO YOU CALL IDIOTS! UNDERSTAND YOU SHIT? FUCK YOU AND YOUR MOMMY TRUCKERDAVE61667 fuck you truckerdave61667 suck my dick bitch
2019-02-18 03:44:32 luca (Guest)
Tanta bobagem que se diz por ai sem saber bem o que se esta a falar meninos que contribuem para que euro truck e american truck seja um gta 5 ou um jogo de corridinhas arcade querem que um caminhao seja um formula um contribuindo com que fazem mods de caminhões seja mal feitos e que de facto muitos nem conhecem o que um caminhao de verdade qual seu comportamento só o vem passar na rua tenha dó…
2019-02-28 21:28:30 Cosins (Guest)
This is so god damned sad. ATS Community is nothing but children cussing eachother out on comment sections of mods now. Pathetic, y'all need some fucking lives.

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