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Mack superliner

Category:  American Truck Simulator Mods » Trucks
Uploaded by:  uploaded by renenate12
Date:  2019-05-12 11:05:22
Downloads:  1131 downloads
Size:  File Size: 179.5 MB
Comments:  5 comments
Rating:   Rating:
5/5, 1 vote

updated to 1.35 beta 

rta , renenate 


Mack superliner , 1 photoMack superliner , 2 photo

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uploaded by renenate12
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Comments (4)

2019-05-13 03:12:47 Gain with this crap mod (Guest)
although i don't agree and never will with paid mods, there is still nothing lower then the cunt who thieves it and freely distribute it on these grub sites for his 1 minute of fucking fame Paid or noy your clear one cunt that would be doing this to anyone's mod, That just make you rene nate a fucking grub in my book The biggest problem in this gaming community is the lack of knowledge on whats right n wrong Yeah yeah wank on all you want about who owns what, but what you do is still nothing short of thieving too and all those who agree with kind of mod distribution of another mod Same goes for the clowns who think fuck it its ok and all the stand up wannna-be legal mouths, these sites profit from every download and yet you fuckers can't get it into your heads, But rene nate is just a classic example of a typical can't mod but take credit kind of thieve
2019-05-16 03:29:57 people (Guest)
why do people care so much if it's a stolen mod atleast it's a mod
2019-05-16 07:18:06 FFS (Guest)
people (Guest) that's the problem. right there you just fucking proved his point you twat the gaming community is only interested in how the fuck they get their hands on the next fucking mod, and fuck any cunt that stands in there way. your a typical example of how dumb it all is
2019-06-14 01:35:43 Dude (Guest)
LMAO getting all butthurt because its stolen.. LMAO

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