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Peterbilt 388 Heavy Blades Wrecker

Rating: 4/5, based on 23 votes
uploaded 2018-09-01 10:14:13, by FreddyMalkovich

Hello fellow truckers. We at Facebook ATS & ETS2 Rebel Mod Shop has decided to share the Peterbilt 388 Heavy Blades Wrecker for you guys this weekend. Me and my butt buddy John wants to make amends for swiping so many hard work mods and will be giving back to the community. The Wrecker has 2 cabs, various engines, nice options for 1.31. Again this is from my personal FB Rebel group, I am Freddy also go by mods 82 with my butt buddy for life John. Have fun and keep on trucking. You can find us in the Facebook groups as ATS & ETS2 Rebel Mod Shop where your private mods becomes everyone's else.


Peterbilt 388 Heavy Blades Wrecker, 1 photoPeterbilt 388 Heavy Blades Wrecker, 2 photoPeterbilt 388 Heavy Blades Wrecker, 3 photo

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uploaded by FreddyMalkovich
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Comments (33)

2018-09-01 11:02:42 HarleyF (Guest)
2018-09-01 12:21:07 TGS (Guest)
This is for 1.31!!!!
2018-09-01 16:07:29 mehrabrjl
please convert it for ets :(
2018-09-01 17:17:40 Seeker (Guest)
Great Mod but I can not find that rebel shop at all anywhere, if you could help me out and give me the link it would be great
2018-09-01 18:07:22 mehrabrjl
this mod work just on 1.31 i hope you test on 1.32
2018-09-01 23:16:54 mehrabrjl
no test video?!
2018-09-01 23:41:38 Didier lelax (Guest)
et tu dépanne quoi avec cette merde dans le jeux , ma bite ?
2018-09-02 04:22:17 Slayer72 (Guest)
This truck isn't working in v1.31, it keeps crashing when trying to pick a garage to save it to.
2018-09-02 04:34:52 midnight (Guest)
! C:\Users\Alien\Downloads\Peterbilt_388_Heavy_Blades_Wrecker.7z: The archive is corrupt WHYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2018-09-02 06:32:07 Alky
What do you do with a wrecker in this game... just drive it around?
2018-09-02 10:46:27 BrainDeadMoronsAreEveryWhere (Guest)
Alky What do you do with a wrecker in this game... just drive it around? Are you that stupid really, No wonder Modders don't bother with people like yourself
2018-09-02 12:32:45 midnight (Guest)
i like this guy^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ morons are everywhere alright i couldint agree more why make us pay for contect when scs robs us enough as it is just for map expansions
2018-09-02 17:29:50 Ron (Guest)
2018-09-02 17:44:09 mehrabrjl
please some one record a video of this mod and share on youtube :)
2018-09-02 17:58:11 satan 666 (Guest)
works perfectly on version
2018-09-02 19:52:21 TruckrDude (Guest)
yep works fine for me too, even in 1.32 beta, and im using other peterbilt mods along side it
2018-09-02 19:58:57 FreddyMalkovich
The mod works in 1.31 check video to see. If u are having problems check you mods.
2018-09-02 22:59:13 Ron (Guest)
I have beta and i've tried deactivating all mods except for this mod, doesn't show up in the dealership. I've tried reverting to 1.31, and the same problem persists.
2018-09-02 23:57:52 dave (Guest)
It is a stolen mod from Hum3d. You are a dam thief.
2018-09-03 09:12:07 mehrabrjl
dave hum3d is just a 3d modeler :|
2018-09-03 17:36:12 TeeJaay (Guest)
Does not work with Load pack was successful but the truck itself does not appear in Peterbilt, Kenworth OR Volvo dealers. It would be a nice concept if it worked :(
2018-09-03 18:06:17 TeeJaay (Guest)
It wont let me delete the comment, but this works. the truck shows up in the peterbilt dealer as a 388 day cab. make sure the loads are above the truck in the priority list.
2018-09-04 04:05:40 tsgracing (Guest)
this mod is strikingly similar to JDM mods 359 wrecker..hope he has authorized this usage and that you didn't rip him off
2018-09-08 03:13:30 Alky
@BrainDeadMoronsAreEveryWhere Well, you didn't answer the question. What do you do in the game with a wrecker. Can you hook up to stuff & pull it away? Are there jobs for it that make money? I guess I'm braindead, cuz I don't see the point in it.
2018-09-08 16:20:48 blacksitearea (Guest)
@Alky, yep, there is some stuff in the mod, to hook up and trail, the Europe stuff, I guess.
2018-09-09 09:29:41 mehrabrjl
american cargo for this mod coming soon... :)
2018-10-02 22:16:54 Alexander (Guest)
...wonderful mod, but, as Mr Alky said, there's no sense in it...try to add function of hook up and tow, so if you suffer a transit incident you no need call evacuator, you can use this one...
2018-10-03 01:05:58 BubbaGumpTruck1 (Guest)
For the Naysayers That say this Mod Doesnt work .... You Wrong, It does TOW. I Know Ive tried and it works. To activate the Tow hook, you have to put the hook down (If I remember right, Not in game atm) in the shop. It looks weird, when you drive down the road with it ... But it is what it is. JDMs Wrecker Loads work Great with it as well.
2018-11-25 23:15:57 doghouse (Guest)
" Oh, Freddy Freddy, quite contrary, spreading stolen mods here and there. $ per download from the mod-site, makes it all-right, that's all that he's after here "
2019-02-28 03:49:12 sean12282
i got it to work in 1.32. yes it works as if you were pulling a trailer i got it from peterbilt picked up a broken down bus and drove down to mexicalli it worked fine . anyone having problems be sure you activate the cargo mod and acc. along with the truck it should work . i havent tested it yet on 1.34
2019-03-10 05:10:25 hemme.bobby (Guest)
where do u find the heavy wrecker
2019-05-09 00:08:05 visitante** (Guest)
não consegui encontrar as cargas apesar de aparecerem no jogo sendo rebocadas por outros caminhões, alguém sabe como resolver
2020-01-07 17:26:10 JD (Guest)

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