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Peterbilt 579 Custom 1.34.x

Rating: 3/5, based on 7 votes
uploaded 2019-05-01 21:13:30, by mods82


Peterbilt 579 Custom based on SCS Soft stock Peterbilt 579

Various Cabins
Various Chassis
Lots of tuning
Lots of Engines, Sounds and Transmissions

Peterbilt 579 Custom

Version 1.34.xx
Original Author:


Included mods by other shit modders who think they're better than God:
GT-Mike's "Epiq" parts for Pete 579
AlexeyP's "Interior 1.4.1" (used only the interior)

Credits for included parts or parts based on creations by them fuckers: (in no particular order)
Ric Callahan, AlexejP, Robert Modjeski, Dc ving, 349hugo, Aradeth, Pendragon, Viper, Ohaha, Solaris36, GT-Mike, Team GTM, Shine2044, CH_Vitalik/Dmitry68/Kirilloid22/Gosh

Peterbilt 579 Custom by Husky_358 for Stock SCS Peterbilt 579

And if You thnk Freddy Jimmink has something to do with it, than You're so very wrong suckers!

SCS Soft, Husky_358 and others


Peterbilt 579 Custom 1.34.x, 1 photoPeterbilt 579 Custom 1.34.x, 2 photoPeterbilt 579 Custom 1.34.x, 3 photo

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uploaded by mods82
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Comments (8)

2019-05-02 08:25:01 HAGENXXV (Guest)
thank you for your contribution, this very well edited, but you know something? the engine does not sound nor the horn, so the truck does not generate any sound, is my feedback, also the smart-nav does not work, only the multimedia menu of the browser. thank you again.
2019-05-02 22:38:30 dai1510 (Guest)
engine sound does not work
2019-05-03 01:14:04 g i joe (Guest)
no problem with the engine sound here. people use engine mods problem solved
2019-05-04 03:18:22 R & T Trucking (Guest)
EVERYTHING on this Mod WORKS perfect! You guys must have a Conflicting mod messing this one up!!
2019-05-04 11:54:43 TomDooley (Guest)
Mostly pirated content by me (TomDooley) and my compilation, and Shaneke. Please remove, there was no consent to this. And if this was not done by Freddy, why is his skin presented?
2019-05-05 23:24:05 RG Trucking (Guest)
Are you kidding TomDooley saying Please remove?? ALL this Mod IS NOT yours! Post yours back & we will remove this one!!!!
2019-05-06 15:52:30 JellyRole
@RG This truck is a compilation of Tom and Shaneke's who both used the scs model to make a really nice mod so yes in theory it is partly Tom's truck.
2019-07-25 04:23:20 RG Trucking (Guest)
Will this work on 1.35?? If not Please update!!

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