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1806 downloads 310.2 MB 25 comments

Pingas 389 truck

Rating: 4/5, based on 4 votes
uploaded 2018-03-12 02:16:47, by bert15423

Pingas 389 not woth the £55 i paid so enjoy

no one


Pingas 389 truck, 1 photo

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uploaded by bert15423
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Comments (25)

2018-03-12 03:34:41 ATS Trucker (Guest)
Before I even download this Mod, Does the thing work???
2018-03-12 07:39:35 Dorian (Guest)
Pinga mods are junk, not even worth it for free. Heaps of errors.
2018-03-12 19:35:05 David (Guest)
Excellent job of pinga like all your mods .
2018-03-12 21:55:02 dan (Guest)
it says the file is deleted or cannot be found
2018-03-12 23:05:17 bert15423
2018-03-13 03:01:33 Blitztrooper
Dont use link bert15423 gave boys nuttin but a virus if u download.....
2018-03-13 03:11:21 Just Another Junk mod! (Guest)
I downloaded it & didn't get "NO VIRUS" that's BS, Don't really matter half of the Damn shit don't work when you go to Customize your Truck!!!!!!!!
2018-03-13 03:56:59 Blitztrooper
My "Webroot" antivirus jumped all over it dude, not BS, but hey its your computer not mine :)
2018-03-13 05:35:30 R&R Express (Guest)
@Blitztrooper, I got the same thing you got & mine didn't find NOTHING! You must be Pingas buddy, Lol! Already over 300 downloads if it had a Virus others would have known it & posted it too!
2018-03-13 05:41:23 Just Another Junk mod! (Guest)
My antivirus scans file when it finishes downloading and if it has a Virus IT WILL NOT put the file on your Computer & Nothing was on it...
2018-03-13 05:50:49 bert15423
@blitztrooper your full of crap my friend pinga has sold this truck for far to long its jacked up crap stolen parts and this puts his gay friend andrew the little porn star looking prick in his place enjoy pingas crap i will release his new lowbed trailer this came free with once im bored off it and its crap pilot car
2018-03-13 06:07:32 ATS Trucker (Guest)
No wonder your Mad dude! Mods OK, lots of parts but 55 bucks? It ain't worth that ! What's that dude talking about a Virus for? My software said it was a Clean File!
2018-03-13 23:09:48 ATS Trucker (Guest)
To me this is not worth downloading, Cool parts for the SCS Pete but it makes the outside Camera view look further away & to me that's a reason not to use it! & makes my game lag a little sometimes too!
2018-03-14 09:06:26 Virus1121 (Guest)
If you paid for this mod you should call the police you got robbed, the Outlaw 379 is head and shoulders above this junk, the truck isnt even worth the download
2018-03-15 00:20:57 Just Another Junk mod! (Guest)
@Virus1121, Ain't that the Truth it's not worth it for FREE!
2018-03-15 01:23:31 Scarface6733 (Guest)
I wanna download this but the link has been taken down
2018-03-15 04:24:41 Hitman822 (Guest)
@Virus1121 you say the Outlaw 379 is better, but where do you purchase the truck for those that are looking for a better truck?
2018-03-15 08:18:47 Virus1121 (Guest)
@Hitman822 the best part about your question is how do you purchase the truck? The truck is free, its in there facebook group Outlaw Mods i believe, there are still good people out there that do work really good work and dont charge for it, it might take longer but its worth the wait in the end
2018-03-15 09:19:01 mods82
2018-03-15 09:22:39 mods82
2018-03-16 16:52:34 Anonny (Guest)
What blows my mind about this all is now you guys are talking about the outlaw peterbilt. Which is vipers peterbilt. With a few stolen parts added to it by John scafella. He doesn't properly credit viper or anyone else's parts he use. So you guys are just supporting another crook in the community. No one knows this and it's time to say it. It's zeko Herrera who fucked everyone here. He leaked the mod. And he has been selling it on YouTube for 55$ and claiming he will send the money to Pinga, because Pinga is "busy" hit up mophead780 on YouTube. Just see what he wants you to pay for "his" 389 edit. With pingas stolen parts. $300 is what he will say. For as many people who says pingas truck is shit. They are sure downloading the fuck out of it. **** also don't download from mods82 link. He is also getting paid everytime someone clicks download.
2018-03-16 20:10:01 TCRG (Guest)
If it's NOT downloaded by the Author of the Mod (That's all I usually download too) it's most likely a Stolen mod! Guys work hard on some of these mods & release them for FREE, Like the Workshop Modders! & then some Lowlife steals it & he makes money on it! That's just not Right!!
2018-03-20 21:00:06 Coalroller (Guest)
DO NOT DOWNLOAD Pinga work is TRASH I wouldn't even use the PAID version and this is some old copy...but yall do yall
2018-07-29 04:02:09 Sargruz
hahahaha, you commented on my Norbert dentressangle skin but this load of shite is worst, and the comments. LMFOA... take the color blue and lsap t on. you call that skinning? you're a joke yourself. HAHAHAHAHAHA dick
2018-10-06 21:18:05 peter (Guest)
For your information, Outlaw got permission to use vipers truck in there mod and they do credit him and others in the mod folder so quit being a hater cause you can't mod. There work is top notch and I've never had an issue with it.

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