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W900 cabina modular

Rating: 2/5, based on 4 votes
uploaded 2018-09-22 12:20:00, by Guest

W900 modular mexicano

aquien correponda real jesus


W900 cabina modular, 1 photo

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uploaded by Guest
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Comments (6)

2018-09-23 18:00:28 trucker (Guest)
anyone realize from the pic this is the 1990 w900 mod just for 1.32
2018-09-23 18:07:26 EmilioYT19
amigo pasa el mod completo
2018-09-24 06:20:01 JOJOJOJO
se callo el link mejor pasalo por mega u otro server lo necesitamos ese mod
2018-10-01 05:34:37 FireStar
There's no file... it's a dead link...
2018-10-02 04:19:40 LOBO1 (Guest)
Oficial page of this mod:
2018-11-07 06:52:17 Naughty Doritos (Guest)
Oh, and one of the W900L chassis parts don't even show up ingame (6x4 Corto Plus MX for the L hood), and has to be manually edited for it to show up. Way to go supporting these trash mods, dumbasses.

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