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Western Star 4900FA ver 1.4 1.37

Rating: 4/5, based on 4 votes
uploaded 2020-04-21 19:35:23, by mods82

Basic 1.37 Compatibility (cleared log errors/removed obsolete attributes)
Updated Engine Defs
Incorporated Engine Sounds by Robinicus
Window animation is still WIP

Adds Beacons to Flattop Cab
Moves the Fifth Wheel forward on the Long and 8x4 Chassis to fix the severe understeer with heavy/oversize loads
Axle weight adjustments on the Long and 8x4 Chassis
Fuel Tank size corrections for all chassis
Addition of correct Air Tank and DEF Tank values for all chassis
Texture change on A-Pillars to eliminate Skin/UV issues in interior views

There are several big chassis updates in Version 1.3  You *MAY* have to sell/re-buy your truck!

Link 3 SISL Patch
Link 4 Template

YukonJack_AK - This Patch
Sib3rius (and Team) - The original 4900FA mod
Kishadowalker - Permission to use an old version of the 4800SB series interior as a skeleton and the basis for the new interior.
Galimim & Wilson212 - For engine and transmission DEFs
Kreichbaum - For the engine sounds
HFG Guidot - Without your Youtube videos, I'd still be trying to even figure out how to even convert and import a model, let alone do anything with it


Western Star 4900FA ver 1.4 1.37, 1 photoWestern Star 4900FA ver 1.4 1.37, 2 photoWestern Star 4900FA ver 1.4 1.37, 3 photo
uploaded by mods82
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Comments (10)

2020-04-21 23:32:46 German_Driver01 (Guest)
Shitty Mod, dont download!
2020-04-22 02:32:00 Good mod (Guest)
What's wrong with it? It works perfectly on my end must just be user error 🤷‍♂️
2020-04-22 11:22:58 Jesse Burston paid mods (Guest)
this comment in the credits is why this truck mod is still crap, HFG Guidot videos are just crap and he is a crap modder HFG Guidot - Without your Youtube videos, I'd still be trying to even figure out how to even convert and import a model
2020-04-22 12:28:41 Look at the comment above (Guest)
Do people even read their comments before posting or have the drugs completely killed their brain? The guy above insults HFG then compliments him at the end lol makes no sense
2020-04-22 16:30:52 Idiots_everywhere (Guest)
Ya'll should be ashamed of yourselves for how stupid you all are! F*ck that old POS Mods82, and let him die off already … He's nothing but a s****bag pervert !!
2020-04-22 19:37:31 Scoot Mcmanmuffin (Guest)
Hey ya'll , this truck works like jake the snake , , , gets the job done. Ill be grabbin gears and making the ladies moist with my rig while you be sittin at home circle jerkin to mods82.............. and iam out. Peace b1tche$.......
2020-04-22 19:44:04 Scoot Mcmanmuffin (Guest)
Yo , , so ,....,,,, i forgot to put "mic drop" at the end , just add that in ? K ? Thanks a bunch. :)
2020-05-12 06:37:04 MarkPeter_PP (Guest)
What its the graphic do you use in the picture. Looks nice. :)
2020-06-03 03:09:07 Bruh (Guest)
This Scoot Mcman****in is the most cringe worthy person I've ever seen on here. Shit name too. Just like his ability to construct sentences. God damn.
2020-06-03 04:02:41 Brosky (Guest)
Why you hating Bruh ? God damn. Is this about you not getting the chance to lick my a$$ ? I told you i dont play that !

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