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How to Install ATS Mods

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uploaded 2016-02-04 17:43:00, by Admin

Wondering how to install a mod? It is very simple!

If you are using Windows operating system, here is how you install American truck simulator mods:
- If you have an archived file (.zip, .rar, .7z, etc.) extract them into this folder: "C:\Users\YourUsername\My Documents\American Truck Simulator\mod".
- If you have a .scs file, simply copy it to "C:\Users\YourUsername\My Documents\American Truck Simulator\mod" directory.

Then launch the game, and select "Mod Manager" from the menu:
Mod Manager

Then activate your mod by double clicking on it, and save changes by pressing "Confirm Changes":
Activate Mod & Confirm Changes


How to Install ATS Mods, 1 photoHow to Install ATS Mods, 2 photoHow to Install ATS Mods, 3 photo
uploaded by Admin
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Comments (9)

2016-02-04 18:25:29 KoKaZ (Guest)
just like ets2
2017-12-24 04:56:59 Earl (Guest)
According to my computer, I can't extract anything with WINDOWS 10.
2017-12-24 15:02:46 PAPA64
Earl get WinRAR.
2018-04-09 11:05:03 Alky
If there's no mod folder, do you make one and put your SCS files in it?
2019-04-19 19:07:19 RMD★0073 (Guest)
Can I activate many mods and play this game??
2019-07-16 14:44:42 Rob (Guest)
Alky, the mod folder is in "My Documents/ATS"
2019-07-16 14:47:52 Rob (Guest)
RMD*0073, as many mods as you want, just ensure they're all compatible with version of ATS you're running. Watch out for map mods, they're tricky if you have too many - they're not all compatible with one another. Sequence of mods also important: Generally, sound mods first, then truck mods, then map mods If game bombs out, it means you've tried to load a dud mod.
2020-05-20 13:15:43 carg0
Since ATS or ETS can crash if MOD's are not well organize, it would be very useful to know exactly ( if possible ) the priorities of every types of MOD's.
2020-05-20 14:52:34 To the guy above (Guest)
Your looking on the wrong site for that kind of information, try "SCS Software's" actual forum. Not this backwoods mod site lol.

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