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Ikarus 250.59 Ver. 2020.1.36

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uploaded 2019-12-16 14:24:01, by Cruise

Minor bodywork corrections made, new elements added.
Traced new styles of painting real cars such as Sovtransavto, Gemenc Volan, Borsod Volan, VolanBusz, AIR TOURS and others
Accessories added.
Fixed interior lighting.

2 options for rear gear:
- "Raba MVG 018 - standard (regular)"
- "Raba MVG 118"

All raba axles with double (planetary) transmission have a characteristic sound when driving (in load / unload).
In the gameplay, this sound is tied to rubber and has no difference in the load of the bridge or coast
Use iKarus tire sets with different volume levels (depending on the output, the reducers began to howl more)

Ikarus buses were equipped with Hungarian raba engines (made in Hungary under a MAN license).

A complete sound processing was carried out. Sound samples were recorded by a professional studio from a real bus
Ikarus 256 brand (state number P 308 AF / tail number 008). Sound models are tied to Raba (MAN) engines, presented in 6 versions (older and later motors), which differ in sound among themselves.

Starting from model 250.59, buses with a 6-speed ZF brand gearbox left the factory.
As a rule, they started off with the second, the first lowered (for extreme situations).

In this update, the work of the gearboxes has been redesigned according to their technical characteristics.

The default physics version 1.36 is accepted.
Only one change has been made - the value of the engagement moment has been adjusted (for passengers).

For the game version 1.36

Mod author: Karen Chakhalyan KanSky
Authors of the update: Snare85 (Zheka Lunev), Kodola Alexander


Ikarus 250.59 Ver. 2020.1.36, 1 photoIkarus 250.59 Ver. 2020.1.36, 2 photo

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uploaded by Cruise
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Comments (2)

2019-12-17 19:58:48 jayontheway
2k review
2020-02-08 14:10:19 Gonzo (Guest)
Some of the dashboard and some weird shapes appear in front of your vision in the driver view.

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