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DAF XF Euro 6 Interior/Exterior Rework ver. 1.1. (Ohaha`s DAF E6 Ready!)

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uploaded 2015-12-27 13:01:25, by AlexeyP

- Vast majority of interior textures reworked: plastic, metallic, leather and wood parts, sleeper, tachograph etc;
- Interiors recreated using real life data;
- Tweaked glass materials for outside and inside windshield view. Added reflections for windshield in interior view. Tweaked instrumental panel aluminium part material;
- Added mph dial for kph speedometer;
- Improved chrome and metal materials for all trucks;
- Improved textures of external truck parts: headlights, lateral lights, tail lights and grill
- New HD versions of outside interior textures;
- RHD and LHD compatible;
- Mod is fully compatible with Ohaha`s DAF XF Euro6 mod.

Installation instructions:
1.Extract scs file from downloaded archive to mod folder of ETS2;
2.Open in-game mod manager and enable "DAF XF Euro6 Interior/Exterior Rework" mod (mod must use higher priority, than Ohaha`s DAF E6 Mod!);

Version history and changelog:
- 25.11.15 Version 1.0. Initial release.

- 27.12.15 Version 1.1
- Reworked interior textures: improved quality of textures from previous version of mod, some textures changed on better ones;
- Added mph dial for kph speedometer;
- Tweaked glass and aluminium materials;
- Added compatibility with Ohaha`s DAF E6 mod;
- Added improved chrome and metal materials for all trucks.


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uploaded by AlexeyP
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