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Antarctica Map v0.7 1.34

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uploaded 2019-03-05 21:55:03, by mods82


Version 0.7: Invisible wall at Amundsen Scott company fix, Vanda Station, Traffic in stations fix and fixed unreasonable ferry times causing you to be always late when delivering something.

The map currently is based around the Ross Ice Shelf at the bottom of Antarctica.
Includes: Amundsen Scott, Arrival Heights, Discovery Hut, Gondwana Station, Jang Bogo, Marble Point, Mario Zucchelli, McMurdo Station, Pegasus Field, Phoenix Airfield, Scott Base, Taylor Valley and William Field.



Antarctica Map v0.7 1.34 , 1 photoAntarctica Map v0.7 1.34 , 2 photoAntarctica Map v0.7 1.34 , 3 photo

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uploaded by mods82
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2019-03-15 21:00:05 MiX3R (Guest)

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