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Europe & Africa Mario Map v 10.2 1.16.x

Rating: 4/5, based on 312 votes
uploaded 2015-03-28 00:38:00, by Zallamann

Europe and Africa European countries. Norway, Sweden, Finland, England, France, Germany, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Slovenia, Portugal, Spain, Greece, Italy African countries :, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt (there is even a pyramid) in six cities .

New cities:
01.Chorvatsko - Zagreb (Zagreb), Sisak
02.Bosna and Herzegovina - Sarajevo
03.Jugoslávie - Belgrade (Belgrade)
04.Rumunsko - Timisoara, Bucharest (Bucharest)
05.Bulharsko - Ruse, Varna, Pleven, Lom, Lovech (Lovech), Sofia (Sofia), Elin, Pelin, Burgas, Plovdiv, Blagoevgrad, Svilengrad, Petrich (Petric)
06.Recko - Serres, Drama (Drama), Kavala, Alexandroupoli
07.Türkey - Kirklareli, Istanbul, Marmaraegelisi, Uzunkopia, Kavakkoy
Tested on the game version 1.16.x + DLC, can be combined with packages from Jazzycat

Mario Bogdanov

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uploaded by Zallamann
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Comments (59)

2015-03-28 10:57:21 Oliveira (Guest)
I have not installed DLC. DLC is required or not?
2015-03-28 13:02:40 Zallamann
Yes, it is desirable for the correct operation of the game
2015-03-28 14:37:54 Oliveira (Guest)
Ok, thank you!
2015-03-29 18:00:21 StefanDenmark (Guest)
i have installed the mod. But evey time i want to make a delivery, it crashes? What is the problem?
2015-03-30 05:12:36 Oliveira Brazil (Guest)
StefanDenmark, your problem is the same problem as mine. Please read the above comments.
2015-04-04 20:16:40 Khul Gilad (Guest)
Hi, is there a way to make this mod compatible with one of these "Improved Weather Reload r5.5.5" or "Realistic Lighting v2.4"??? That would be awesome! PS: This is the best map for ETS2 and its compatible to Balticmap, Rusmap, Rus open space, i love it!!!
2015-04-06 10:48:11 RALPHDOT2
How can we get updates when a new mario map is available?
2015-04-08 10:54:16 Your Name (Guest)
nemoga da q izteglq
2015-04-10 06:01:08 pras1425 (Guest)
crash around two gas station near perugia (close program)
2015-04-11 17:14:01 Chast (Guest)
Download link not working, states on download page,, that file is not available. Don't know why you keep a mod on here wasting space when it can't be downloaded
2015-04-13 21:28:14 gasmi mohamed (Guest)
crash around two gas station near perugia (close program)
2015-04-19 18:47:30 Ein MM (Guest)
I tried to download the file but it says the file not found
2015-04-27 01:07:54 JLN (Guest)
I get a CTD - the file says it's an error with the paint markings on the asphalt...any ideas?
2015-05-07 01:40:03 Your Name (Guest)
sa marche pas, le fichier est endommagé faut la virer du site cette maps
2015-05-07 11:51:27 totto (Guest)
Please make it work for update 1.17
2015-05-12 12:36:18 Your Name (Guest)
The best card of all, so far. Just fix the output port of Porto, and the boundary between Montenegro and Albania (nothing Croatia and Albania), and the option to set map for version 1.17.1 and it would be proof that you're better than the TSM and SCS Software together. It is simply enjoying ride with the map. Best wishes and much success further. Dado-J
2015-05-19 16:22:45 Your Name (Guest)
Diese Karte ist super, und ich würde mich sehr freuen, wenn es diese Karte für Patsch 1.18 auch geben würde. Danke
2015-05-21 09:11:26 rituraj (Guest)
Does this require a new profile?
2015-05-30 18:57:14 Faisal (Guest)
dose it work with 1.1.1 v and if not can you make it
2015-06-09 07:48:40 moliv (Guest)
Please make it work for update 1.18
2015-06-09 12:44:52 Your Name (Guest)
Perfekt Super Map Bitte für 1.8 machen. Pleas make it for Version 1.8
2015-06-19 13:47:32 Your Name (Guest)
Super Map Bitte für 1.18 machen ??????
2015-06-24 23:20:19 George (Guest)
Is compatible this map with 1.18 version of game?????
2015-06-28 03:37:18 Mohammed (Guest)
Morocco heheheheh thank you :)
2015-07-02 17:12:19 guskrion (Guest)
After downloading the mod how do I install it?
2015-07-03 11:49:57 Your Name (Guest)
1.18. crash 1.17 crash
2015-07-27 22:31:23 Your Name (Guest)
not work deep shit
2015-08-17 10:55:44 juanka_89 (Guest)
Hi.... I have a problem with the ferry in Stockholm. When i go to selected the destination, the game is closed. The log says: input inalid curve "prefabloc123" in port_stockholm.ppd. ¡¡¡ Thanks.
2015-08-25 02:27:58 truck dealer (Guest)
please upload in modland server .
2015-09-06 10:36:45 Francesco (Guest)
Sorry but it works with the latest version 1.20 of ETS2? I'd go crazy. If it involves installing a new profile?
2015-09-06 10:45:00 Francesco (Guest)
Sorry but this stunning map with ETS2 latest version from Steam 1.20.1? If you like to do? It needs new profile?
2015-10-28 20:56:39 Tichou
2015-11-20 22:24:51 Felix (Guest)
I Prev it ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜Š
2015-11-22 13:29:25 Harison (Guest)
Hello..... how install this map ??? And what is the version to compatible for this map ??? Thanks
2016-01-03 14:00:35 Nick (Guest)
hi. it just dont work for me. each time i try to unzip the folder i get 0kb on ETS_2_Map_10.2_model.scs It even shows an error on unzipping and when i try install it just crashes ETS2
2016-01-09 16:28:45 onoma (Guest)
2016-01-18 19:05:09 Gomes (Guest)
Please make the update to the last version of the game 1.22 Great map
2016-02-24 20:31:31 milos (Guest)
does this works with 1.22x ? serbia loves u
2016-03-12 22:18:03 Raul (Guest)
is not working on ETS 2 in steam, version someone has this problem? or is not working on my version. thx
2016-04-11 22:18:33 kris (Guest)
it is a good map but please update it that it work on 1.22
2016-05-06 01:44:21 Viper (Guest)
Leider Chrast das Game wenn ich von Spanien nach Portugal fahre. Das selbe passiert wenn ich nach Russland fahre. Ansonsten geile Map.
2016-07-04 13:44:19 Teddy (Guest)
Hello ! Is not working with Steam Version. ETS 2 crashes !
2016-08-07 16:47:52 nevlu (Guest)
how I will open this map on the game pls
2016-09-15 00:56:23 gh (Guest)
thank you
2016-10-15 19:25:20 Mernkingdk
what is the load order for this
2016-10-24 18:48:48 SlimShady (Guest)
It keeps crashing in the loading screen when i upload it. I got the deluxe steam version
2016-10-24 18:49:52 SlimShady (Guest)
This is also the only map pack I have tried to add
2016-10-30 06:13:45 ohranta (Guest)
1.25.5 crash
2016-11-18 18:31:47 memo (Guest)
how can ı work this ?
2017-01-16 05:07:40 Bob (Guest)
This is a 7Z file, and my ets2 only accepts ECS files. Can you nake a SCS edition pls
2017-04-11 18:53:18 Rune (Guest)
The game crachmwhen i start it.
2017-04-14 13:40:35 lacrim123456
nice map
2017-08-02 15:12:59 N01 (Guest)
Can someone tell me how to download it!?
2017-11-01 14:47:45 Therabug (Guest)
2017-11-18 03:42:58 Roger (Guest)
It Would be quiet helpful if you could post an load order on the 4 files , what file goest first and so on
2018-10-17 23:27:36 Paul (Guest)
I have downloaded and activated all the files, but when I try to load my save the game crashes and when I make a new save the mods are simply not in the game please help me!!
2019-01-03 06:54:58 robboud
2019-01-10 02:10:31 Tony (Guest)
Good Morning, I had a look on your website and could not find a GDPR statement which is quite important if you sell to or have visitors from the European Union. Here is a template that I used for my website. Please feel free to use it but do not forget to customise it with your company details. I have saved the guide on my google drive which you can access through here: I hope that helps. Best wishes Tony
2019-07-25 04:22:43 luckie (Guest)
is there any chance of getting this map updated to verison 1.35 please... looking to make my ingame map even bigger...thank you for your time and have a great day evening whatever the time is there for you... thanks luckie

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