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Extreme Road Fever 2.0 : ERF Map 2.0 (1.36-1.37)

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uploaded 2020-07-03 22:46:00, by Guest


Project ERF 2.0 (Extreme Road Fever 2.0) is a standalone off-road tracking map where you will explore challenging roads, realistic details and multi-various environments of thrilling driving experience. In this update, You will get some new environment like Ice, Jungle, Cave and Muddy roads. See the full video then you can find the changes. Moreover, you can compatibly drive any external mod vehicle in this map.
Roads are too extreme, therefore 500+ HP engine and stable tires are highly recommended for your drive. If you are crazy for extreme driving, then you are gonna love this map. Download Link is given below.

Supported Version: 1.36 and 1.37
DLC Required : ALL DLC

MOD Serial:

1. ERF Def 2.0
2. ERF Map 2.0
3. ERF Base

Note: This is update only. If you do not have ERF 1.0, Please download it then update it.

This Map MOD Is Copyrighted to "Solmon Alice" Youtube Channel & "ModFlix BD" Facebook Page. Do not Re-upload Or Edit Without Permission. Highly Restricted Not To Share Direct Link. Use The Original Video Link To Share. If Any YouTuber Do Any Review Or FB Live, He Must Share Original Video Link Given By Solmon Alice or ModFlix BD. Otherwise, I Will Take Legal Action.


Sadman Sakib Andalib & Solmon Alice

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uploaded by Guest
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Comments (1)

2020-07-12 08:28:53 The travellers (Guest)
does it support V1.38 ????

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