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MHAPro 1.35 for ETS 2 v 1.35

Rating: 2/5, based on 14 votes
uploaded 2019-07-27 01:24:13, by mods82

1. new small city Camponocecchio (I)
- company radus
2. new small city Castelnovo (I)
- company Fastrans
3. fixing some small problems
4. fixing some problems on roads
5. new small city Monteduro (I)
- company roadwork
6. city Drammen (N)
- company roadwork
- company gradis
- company container port
7. Naantali (FIN)
- new look on roads
8. fixed problem in tunnel highway A10 near Salzburg (A)
9. fixed some road around Salzburg (A)
10. fixed roads around Munchen (D)
11. terrain fixed on highway around Leipzig (D)
12. city Leipzig (D) new look
13. fixed all small problems inside the city Leipzig (D)
14. fixed all connection from higwhay to city Leipzig (D)
15. updated all data documents in DEF for 1.35
16. updated all Models and movers for 1.35 (around 500 models)
17. updated all Prefabs for 1.35
18. fixed 1128 SCS signs which cause errors in the map MOD
19. new look Leipzig (D) city
- MHAPro service company
20. new road connections to the Leipzig (D)
21. new highway near city Leipzig (D)
22. fixed connection from Leipzig (D) to south part of city
23. connected highway south from Leipzig (D)
24. new look Kassel (D)
25. new highways around Kassel (D)
26. new connections to city Kassel (D)
27. new highway D7 from Kassel to south
28. new highway from Kassel to Erfurt (D)
29. new connections around Erfurt (D)
30. new highways around Erfurt (D)
31. fixed many movers, flags...etc


MsHeavyAlex, Aneya
Models from Bluetruck,satan19990,Jazzycat
Prefab Shopping center from 50keda
Rick's pictures for Billboards in UK
Mini Map-Extension DK18/A18 (old mod) by Sebastian (Updated on last version ETS2)
Nishant with many Prefabs and models
Blinkt (hotel skins)

uploaded by mods82
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Comments (6)

2019-07-27 02:28:01 Ellen Jimmink (Guest)
Milton Davila is Mods82 and he is a common mod theif..Do not download the developer Alex Orliic at
2019-07-27 06:54:29 FunTrucker_18
Can confirm, he stole my map and is surprised why I'm pissed off about this. Somebody should pay him a visit with a baseball bat.
2019-07-27 12:18:02 sbutler860
Hi Funtrucker: While I appreciate your concern and frustration that this young man has taken your mod and passed it off as his own, I would heartily NOT recommend violence. It solves nothing, and the only reason for doing it would be to make you and the other modders feel better that he's taken a beating. I just don't think we can justify that level of violence for this sort of offence. What I do think, and am surprised that the developers of this site have not yet done, is ban this kid from the site altogether. Ban anyone attempting to join using a certain name, email address or ISP (even using a VPN). Place a monthly limit on the number of mods uploaded. I do understand your anger but please no violence, not even suggesting it. x
2019-07-27 14:06:36 Hard-candy (Guest)
Violence solves nothing, possibly, but it can sure make you feel better, almost estatic to hear the skulls cracking (preferably whilst listening to "Gheto Boys - Still " and knowing that another thief will no longer be stealing the air we peaceful people breathe . P.S, I can not condone violence..
2019-07-31 06:09:02 Newguy (Guest)
How does this map compare to promods in terms of quality and quantity?
2019-08-03 06:39:30 vishal duvalla (Guest)
many black holes truck falling in black holes so please remove black holes

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