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Update for Mario Map v12.1

Rating: 5/5, based on 8 votes
uploaded 2016-12-29 15:20:51, by mods82


Update for Mario Map 12.1 (update from 28.12.2016.)

Updating files
ETS 2 Map 12.1_def_mat
ETS 2 Map 12.1_model_part2
ETS 2 Map North_America
ETS 2 Map South_America

Unpack the archive, put scs files into mod folder with the replacement of

Download all 3 parts for correct work!

Author: Mario1961


Update for Mario Map v12.1, 1 photoUpdate for Mario Map v12.1, 2 photoUpdate for Mario Map v12.1, 3 photo
uploaded by mods82
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Comments (5)

2016-12-29 20:18:44 mods82
Update for this map
2016-12-29 20:45:43 MoWo (Guest)
there are no Files....^^
2016-12-30 00:38:47 arunas (Guest)
I do not work with pirated on ferries in the problem I have to get up from the game threw my game or illegal ce tyk on legal it works
2016-12-30 13:11:22 arunas (Guest)
MAPA has good going forward but still to be done yet ira kalaidu to Russia nesujunkta road yesterday from Poland vazevau to Tallinn ferry to get up and required expelled from the game
2017-01-01 15:33:14 nykyyy (Guest)
Russia no good work fakeeeeee

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