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AI Traffic light with led by Rockeropasiempre 1.34

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uploaded 2019-03-01 16:28:54, by Rockeropasiempre

AI Traffic light with led by Rockeropasiempre 1.34

Independent mod.
For requests from some users, I created the independent led signaling mod.
It does not affect any other lighting. No lampposts, no trucks, or any other.



- Semaphores with leds.
- THIS MOD ONLY AFFECTS THE SEMAFOROS !!. It does not affect any other type of lighting.
- Compatible with all my mods.
- This mod offers the possibility of seeing a number of traffic lights with led lights in different countries of the map.
- Greater visibility at long distances.
- Increased textures quality.
- Higher light intensity of the led traffic lights.
- Traffic lights with leds in all cities: United Kingdom, Belgium, Switzerland, Czechoslovakia,
  Germany, Estonia, Finland, France, Italy, Lithuania, Latvia, Netherlands, Russia,
  Poland, Slovakia, Hungary ...
- It also includes traffic lights leds, in certain bus stops and temporary traffic lights.
- Added traffic lights leds for the countries included in all the existing dlc's to date.
- Some traffic lights on the map, can not be converted to led, since they belong to the map itself,
  and you can not modify this mod.

Author: Rockeropasiempre

Weight of the file: 2.3 Mb

A greeting.


AI Traffic light with led by Rockeropasiempre 1.34, 1 photo

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uploaded by Rockeropasiempre
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