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Improved Weather Reload (1.27)

Category:  Euro Truck Simulator 2 » Other
Uploaded by:  uploaded by Guest
Date:  2017-05-10 13:22:08
Downloads:  915 downloads
Size:  File Size: 432.3 MB
Comments:  3 comments
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5/5, 2 votes


Update 1.27
++ Mod is Edit by Jens NE: ++

Nur die PMDs wurden korrekt aktualisiert. (Keine Fehler Mehr in der Log)

Only the PMDs were updated correctly. (No Erros on the log)

Mod is Updated from Original Mod!
That is No Fake Mod….. -_-

SGate, Supric, Jens NE


Improved Weather Reload (1.27), 1 photo

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uploaded by Guest
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Comments (3)

2017-06-18 03:57:08 Michael (Guest)
Hi, sehr schöne Mod, aber Nachts etwas zu hell draußen. Danke! LG, Michael
2017-12-26 17:22:38 SortingHat (Guest)
Be careful not to add SD app. This is part of why our internet infrastructure is in such shambles and the war between users and Adblock. It's not either the users fault or Ad Block fault. It's the fault of no regulations on advertising. Right now anything goes so like opening the doors to Mexico you get criminals and people with evil intentions not being screened sneaking in with the good ones. Liberals for some reason want to believe there is no such thing as evil and can recreate the Garden of Eden (which has been proven to be found in an area of Turkey) but it's not meant to be. It's like pounding a square peg into a round hole and you wind up with a broken board. This site and most of the web is part of the falling apart infrastructure. Most people don't notice since phones don't do that much and they are taught that they are free when actually being spied and controlled. Android is the worst.
2017-12-26 17:26:31 SortingHat (Guest)
There are actually quite a few Truck Simulator (Apps) for the phones but they are a piece of crap. In fact a Broken Truck Simulator app would be more exciting where you drive your falling apart truck to finish your load and you have to make it before the last wheel falls off or the whole truck explodes! If you go to a garage to fix it you have two choices. Needy Speedy who fixes it fasts but may not do a perfect job and is cheaper or Slow Joe but he is very accurate with his work and takes care to fix additional problems he notices with no extra charge to your bank account but is like the name says slower but you have a higher chance of completing your load without falling to pieces and blowing up. Which garage do you prefer?

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