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Incredible Realistic Physics Mode

Category:  Euro Truck Simulator 2 » Other
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Date:  2019-12-08 17:15:00
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2/5, 2 votes

New Truck:Renault Range t
Forget all the physics modes you know and watch the video carefully, you’ll see how professionally prepared it is.

Credits: yasin.calim


Incredible Realistic Physics Mode, 1 photo

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Comments (2)

2019-12-08 18:47:35 Tantalus (Guest)
The problem is the interior. Physics suspension on the cabin is completely broken since, always. And still not fixed. No matter how parameters you touch to try to make physics better, in the interior they are always going to be a complete mess. Every time you pick an obstacle no matter how small it is, no matter how slow you drive your cabin will jump like crazy. Its better to just use the default SCS parameters.
2020-04-28 08:38:10 Icecream (Guest)
I am sorry but that video shows how the old suspension system (pre 80's) worked with leaf springs. with springs, shock absorbers, dampers and bump stops... you do not bounce around like a ball. a bump (or sudden stop etc) induces 1 dip followed by 1 rebound. any more than that and you need to take your vehicle (any type) to the mechanic because your suspension is shot.

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