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Realistic Trees

Rating: 4/5, based on 1 vote
uploaded 2016-10-31 20:22:50, by mods82

Hello everyone. That mod adds new real trees same as on screenshots.
Hope you like it!

Павел Агарков, Fenix


Realistic Trees, 1 photoRealistic Trees, 2 photo

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uploaded by mods82
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Comments (3)

2016-11-03 20:57:13 Michel Deutscher (Guest)
THX 4 your Mod , It´s a Must 4 ETS2
2016-11-09 18:29:53 Waymor (Guest)
This pictures of the Realistic Tree mod must be a fake.....I gave them a try....terrible, just terrible! They look like Lego-Game. The only thing you can do with, is put it in to the trashcan! You "mod82" should not upload trash like this....but you make good money with! dah... **MUST HAVE**... for Trashcan...!
2017-02-03 22:15:06 jordix11
czemu one są jesienne?

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