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TDU2 traffic pack 1.35 edit by Cip

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uploaded 2019-06-24 08:27:03, by mods82

High quality Sport and Classic cars from TDU2 game initially uploaded by Serj999
Same as Asphalt8 pack, this mod has been corrected, completed, improved and updated by me for each new game version since 1.31. This update also integrated the personalized sounds directly in the mod (not in additional addon as before) and all necessary files for full compatibility with my Real Traffic Density mod (sport cars are stored as separate type of vehicles with individual spawn rules). This mod contains also personalized colors for all cars, tweaked speeds, drivers by jazzycat and spawn ratio (ultra sport cars appear very rarely)

important! if you don’t use my traffic density mod, you need to move all vehicles from traffic_storage_sport.tdu2 and traffic_storage_classic.tdu2 into traffic_storage_car.tdu2. if you don’t remove these files your game will only spawn the normal cars from the pack with no errors and warnings.

Eden Games, Atari and Serj999, Cipinho


TDU2 traffic pack 1.35 edit by Cip, 1 photo

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uploaded by mods82
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Comments (2)

2019-06-24 14:27:37 Martyn (Guest)
Hello mods82, Where is the version of TDU2, for ETS2 Game v1.34 ?
2019-07-03 13:20:49 Martyn (Guest)
NO there isn't one is there - mods82

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