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LS Wheel Pack V0.8

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uploaded 2020-01-08 00:44:04, by Cruise

Brazilian style wheel pack

Wheel Model:
ItalSpeed GT 1 - Re-Made better 3D and new variants.
ItalSpeed Mod SAE - NEW Oldschool Speedline.
Alcoa LvL ONE - 3 rear and front variants with plus 4 variants: Standard, polished, urban dirt and dust.
Steel 22.5x8.25 - Re-Made
Alcoa Ultra ONE - 2 rear and front variants: Standard, polished.
Scania 5 series front hubs with variants.
Rear Scania 5 series hubs with variants.
DAF front and rear hubs with some variants .
Auxiliary Hub with variants.
Good Year Max Fuel LHS and LHD.With 4 variants: Standard, polished, urban dirt and dust.

Change Log: 0.8

- Fixed tyres materials
- Fixed some User Interface images
- Added new steel wheels
- Added Italspeed 22.5 Mod.SAE (Oldschool Speedline)
- Re-worked Italspeed 22.5 GT1
- Added Scania 5 Series Hubs



LS Wheel Pack V0.8, 1 photo

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uploaded by Cruise
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