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Tuning Accesories For All Trucks

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uploaded 2015-10-31 00:29:49, by Guest

Tuning Accesories For All Trucks v.1.21

This modification is a collection of many tuning
Updated to version: 1.21.x

Moders Team Poland


Tuning Accesories For All Trucks, 1 photoTuning Accesories For All Trucks, 2 photo

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uploaded by Guest
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Comments (3)

2015-11-06 21:00:26 xBlackAquamanx
glitch in third person view where accessories are staying with camera view ... ie assets you add from the mod appear in the 3rd person view of the truck.. they also show in the mirrors
2015-12-14 10:43:49 Your Name (Guest)
2016-02-01 12:41:31 nburotto
Please do the version for 1.22

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