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Scania S JP Vis & Zn Tandem skin

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uploaded 2019-08-20 01:00:00, by Guest

skin for Scania S 2016 Highline JP Vis & Zn tandem with ownable Ekeri trailer skin for lightbox and painted wheels,mods needed for truck :Scania RJL Kast TANDEM Addon and Scania 2016 R/S Kast TANDEM Addon by Siperia/Solutech,Legendary 50k-addons,Extended sunshield by Samuelswe, [Simon.lby Modding] Toplights for Scania R and S,Abasstreppas wheels pack; for trailer : Ekeri trailers by Kast and Ekeri Tandem trailers ADDON by Kast ,50k legendary addons for Scania R/S….thanks to AddiJ for base mod and also big thanks to DavyBerto for awesome cab skin .You can share this mod on other site but PLEASE USE THE ORIGINAL LINK !!!

Credits: AddyJ,DavyBerto,Leonox


Scania S JP Vis & Zn Tandem skin, 1 photoScania S JP Vis & Zn Tandem skin, 2 photoScania S JP Vis & Zn Tandem skin, 3 photo

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uploaded by Guest
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