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Multilingual Google Maps voice navigation

Rating: 3/5, based on 5 votes
uploaded 2019-06-03 14:32:08, by mods82

I really love the new feature in the 1.35 open beta! I only hate those English voices. So, I thought to create a new mod: "Multilingual Google Maps voice navigation".
This is basically just a new navigation voice. I try to make it the same as google maps.

Included Languages:

  • English (Released)

  • German (Released)

  • Swedish (Released)

  • French (WIP)

  • Spanish (WIP)

  • Dutch (WIP)

If you want more languages, just request it here. I'll try to make it too.



 Multilingual Google Maps voice navigation, 1 photo

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uploaded by mods82
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Comments (7)

2019-06-03 14:33:17 Cosmin (Guest)
Please try to make Romanian language!!
2019-06-03 17:31:35 martas (Guest)
prosím česky!!
2019-06-03 19:38:20 George (Guest)
Czech language, please.
2019-06-03 19:42:59 Krzysztof (Guest)
Polish langauge,Please!
2019-06-03 20:16:07 MODS82_FUCKING_THIEF
2019-06-03 22:37:24 Umberto (Guest)
polish pls
2019-06-04 20:04:05 Luuk (Guest)
This mod is STOLEN! This is MY mod and the only place to download it is here: If you want more languages also request it there!

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