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Bus Station for ETS2 1.31

Category:  Euro Truck Simulator 2 » Trailers
Uploaded by:  uploaded by Xeviax99
Date:  2018-05-31 16:36:41
Downloads:  11101 downloads
Size:  File Size: 298.4 MB
Comments:  19 comments
Rating:   Rating:
4/5, 24 votes

This mods adds passengers jobs for Buses in the Bus Station of the main game. Now you can transport passengers with buses from one terminal to another.
You need all the map dlc to work this mod perfectly.
Compatible buses : Man Lion Coach 6x2 ; modshop ; linux ; fabiocontier buses.
Updated for game version 1.31.x.x


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uploaded by Xeviax99
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Comments (19)

2018-06-01 01:43:01 sedat (Guest)
tşşekkür ederim böyle bir mod bekliyordum
2018-06-01 01:51:00 (Guest)
ats için de otbüs terminal modu yaparsanız sevinirim elinizee sağlık
2018-06-01 03:31:02 bobo (Guest)
crash game
2018-06-01 09:52:14 Xeviax99
If game crashes then lower the priority in mod manager & don't use it with other map mod.
2018-06-02 22:25:41 Ales_sk (Guest)
file is broke
2018-06-04 00:39:22 Ghost99 (Guest)
2018-06-04 00:41:17 Ghost99 (Guest)
2018-06-04 21:25:39 neokral
thanks for creator :)
2018-06-05 23:52:52 Joe (Guest)
Game crashed! I used an new Game without any trucks or other vehicle. I had only 2 other mods activated: Man Lion bus mod, Marcopolo G7
2018-06-12 08:22:11 Snow (Guest)
Video Test
2018-06-15 01:25:19 Araus (Guest)
file is broke
2018-06-15 03:31:46 borg8383
DON'T WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
2018-06-26 04:56:23 Boirinjo2929 (Guest)
I see loading icon, bud passingers wont go n bus.
2018-06-26 05:02:24 Boirinjo2929 (Guest)
I click on icon on bus station. Ok, I select passengers, everithing is cool, i see markings and stop at them, no response, cant load people. I try everi thing. Please help me.
2018-06-29 10:46:11 Tanker (Guest)
Game crash!!!!! But i want to run a my profile . and i have only these mods :Marcopolo paradiso G7 and other mods
2018-07-03 06:00:31 google
1.31 work
2018-07-31 11:17:32 ernes
the rar file is broken
2018-07-31 11:56:54 ernes
Useless! I try to change the order of the mod, the only position that make the game start is putting this mod in the last position , but once in the game it won't show any passenger or any change. In all the other cases the game will crash.
2019-01-15 12:11:25 Uthaya (Guest)
Ets2 1.31 puno peru map 1.7 kku support aaguma

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