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FedEx Trailer v.1.2 for SCS boxed trailer ***FIXED LINK***

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uploaded 2019-03-31 12:47:05, by TheUlas7




this is a trailer from the company FedEx for the owned SCS Box trailers.



Game version: 1.33+

Mod version: 1.2

TheUlas7, SCS, FedEx


FedEx Trailer v.1.2 for SCS boxed trailer ***FIXED LINK***, 1 photoFedEx Trailer v.1.2 for SCS boxed trailer ***FIXED LINK***, 2 photoFedEx Trailer v.1.2 for SCS boxed trailer ***FIXED LINK***, 3 photo

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uploaded by TheUlas7
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Comments (2)

2019-03-31 15:58:04 Stephen Butler (Guest)
I can see why, within an hour of this upload, there are already two dislikes. Firstly, it's because, as a confirmed believer in blocking all ads, I was denied entry to the download page, unless I 'whitelisted' it so that they could display advertisements to me. Well, f*** that, no mod is worth that, and certainly not this one. They can take their adverts and shove them as far as I am concerned. Secondly, this mod isn't even updated to the latest version of the game; or, if it is, the uploader couldn't be bothered to place the correct information in the description. With that in mind, I have low hopes for the mod itself, and I absolutely do not expect the uploader to get paid for it!
2020-05-23 23:41:07 TheUlas7
Dear Mr. Butler, this mod was for the game version 1.33+, but when 1.36 was released SCS made some changes which affected my mods. Now I am working on my mods again to fix all problems, today I released an uptade of my DHL trailer which works perfectly without any problems... To make a skin is not easy, it takes time for me... It's easy to download but most people don't see the work behind an mod... I don't want any money from you, you can use all my mods for free, you can't buy one... Why can I don't use ads on my website??? You can see two different links, one with adfly (where I earn money), and one without adfly its your decision if you want that I earn some cents (even not cents) from you... Greetings Ulas / TheUlas7-Modding

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